29 Jul 2018

Corona: Human? What other human? Maybe if you deny it enough, it'll become true!

  • Corona: What other human? This is the only human here!!
  • Corona: Right, Kotori??
  • Kotori: U-uh!
  • Kotori: Yeah?
  • Corona: YEAH!
  • Kotori: Yeah...!?
  • Corona: MAN, what is Solis talking about!
  • Solis: ...
  • Corona: I DUNNO! Solis says so many words sometimes!
  • Corona: B-but hypothetically, if there were more than one human,
  • Corona: Wouldn't KOTORI know better?
  • Kotori: Wait, WHAT?
  • Kotori: How would I-
  • Corona: I mean it's HER TOWN, y'know!!
  • Corona: So that has absolutely nothing to do with me!
  • Kotori: Why are you suddenly focusing on me so much?
  • Kotori: And-- That, makes no sense!
  • Kotori: There's... only one! You JUST said so!

Everyone: Glance at that totally not suspicious crack in the ground.

  • Solis: Corona is right.
  • Corona: ...I am?
  • Corona: I mean, I AM! Of course!
  • Solis: You know, earlier when I went to check on Kotori...
  • Solis: The kind Inn owners briefed me on some details.
  • Solis: The details included the fact that not one, but two humans were causing a chaotic scene in Red Tulip.
  • Solis: And if you remember correctly, Kotori never said anything about two humans this whole time.
  • Kotori: Y-you never mentioned this earlier either...
  • Solis: Right.
  • Solis: I stayed quiet to see if you would say anything about it.
  • Solis: The fact that you haven't is suspicious.
  • Solis: I demand an explanation.
  • Kotori: W-what are you talking about...
  • Corona: Oooh!! Yeah!!
  • Solis: Corona, you're not off the hook yet.
  • Solis: Look, just tell me what happened to the other one.
  • Corona: UUUHHH...
  • Solis: As I'd heard, the two humans ran off together.
  • Solis: And now there's only one here.
  • Solis: Surely you've had something to do with the other one's disappearance, Corona.
  • Corona: PLEASE DON'T BE MAD, UH,
  • Corona: I killed him.... normally?
  • Corona: I had to! He was so much trouble!!
  • Corona: BUT IT'S OKAY, you guys can do the ritual thingy with this one!
  • Solis: Ugh, I figured.
  • Corona: Oh, did you now??
  • Solis: Yes, from that very suspicious crack in the ground.
  • Solis: And the too-much-blood-for-one-knocked-out-human here.
  • Corona: Stop playing mind games and just tell me what you know next time!
  • Kotori: Wait, he's...
  • Kotori: ...
  • Kotori: The other one is really... dead?
  • Corona: Yes!! Gosh, I'm sorry, how many times do I have to repeat it!!
  • Kotori: N-no it's okay, I don't think it's as serious as you think...
  • Kotori: But more importantly--
  • Solis: More importantly, why did you lie, Kotori.
  • Kotori: Aaa...?

Kotori: Say something unbelievably cryptic.

  • Kotori: My official statement is that I-I didn't know there were two! Until now!
  • Kotori: You have no proof I lied!
  • Solis: Kotori.
  • Solis: We've both seen this person before, haven't we.
  • Kotori: D-did we...
  • Solis: Sure we did.
  • Solis: I am led to believe you intentionally helped a human sneak around and settle here for however long, until now.
  • Kotori: Aaaa...
  • Corona: Wait, what.
  • Corona: This is suddenly not about me? That's good but...
  • Corona: I have no fucking clue what you're onto.
  • Solis: It's complicated.
  • Solis: Actually, not really. I can perfectly explain this.
  • Solis: You see, years ago when I had the boring job of a paralegal, I came across this one weird outsider.
  • Kotori: ...Aaa......
  • Solis: And that day Kotori interrupted my questioning of that person and took over.
  • Solis: Now, I believe I'm seeing that very same "monster" here.
  • Corona: Wow! I'm only a little confused now.
  • Corona: Isn't that REALLY bad for you Kotori, hahaha!
  • Kotori: :X
  • Solis: You don't get to relax yet, Corona.
  • Kotori: D-don't be ridiculous!
  • Kotori: There's no way you remember exact happenings from t-that long ago!
  • Solis: Oh, but I do.
  • Solis: The only reason I remember is because being a paralegal was so boring, that a tiny out of the ordinary occurrence during it will stick in my mind forever.
  • Solis: It also happened to be on the day I quit that job, which was the happiest day of my life.
  • Solis: That isn't exactly a very high bar, but whatever.
  • Kotori: ...That is SO bullshit, I do believe you could just be misremembering!
  • Kotori: Sure you can say all of this, but y-you still have no proof.
  • Solis: Kotori.
  • Solis: The locals told me you and her were the best of friends.
  • Kotori: E-Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...
  • Solis: I think that's more than enough proof, considering your reaction.
  • Corona: Hmmm!
  • Corona: What the fuck is going on in here exactly!
  • Solis: That's what I'd like to know.
  • Solis: And I doubt his highness will be happy about this.
  • Kotori: Urgh!
  • Corona: Ooooh.

  • Corona: Now now, you don't have to do this, hang on!
  • Solis: What?
  • Kotori: W-what now?
  • Corona: Kotori, let's strike another deal!
  • Solis: This isn't the time, Corona.
  • Kotori: W-what's with you and your deals and bets??
  • Corona: I can't help it, it's how winged do business~
  • Corona: And no, this IS the perfect time!
  • Corona: Anyway, look...
  • Corona: How about this:
  • Corona: One: We don't tell Suvi that you were getting buddy buddy with a human in disguise.
  • Corona: Two: In return, you don't tell him that I fucked up and killed a human normally.

Kotori and Corona: Realize with a glance you're in this together now.

  • Solis: Wait, WHAT.
  • Corona: LOOK!
  • Corona: He thinks there's one human!!
  • Corona: So we don't needa do shit other than tell him we've done the job!
  • Corona: How does that soooound, Kotori?
  • Kotori: ...O-okay. DEAL!
  • Solis: Hang the fuck up!
  • Solis: Who's "we", don't expect me to work with you!
  • Solis: And you can't do that!
  • Corona: Shut up, yeah we can!
  • Kotori: W-we can!!!
  • Corona: Piss off, Solis!
  • Solis: I will not "piss off", these are serious transgressions!
  • Corona: No, as your boss I demand you piss off!!
  • Corona: Gooooooooo piss yourself!
  • Kotori: Yeah!! Piss yourself!!
  • Solis: That is NOT what piss off means.
  • Solis: And, you can't be dishonest to his highness!

  • Corona: Why nooooot, it'll be for the best anyway!
  • Corona: Aw man, don't go and be a snitch, alright??
  • Kotori: ...He's going to be a snitch.
  • Corona: Who am I kidding, you're totally right.
  • Corona: You suck, Solis.
  • Solis: No I fucking don't, I'd just be doing my job as informant.
  • Kotori: W-well, if you snitch, I'll tell his highness that you basically SLACKED off and handed ME the work on the day you quit.
  • Kotori: And that basically makes it all your fault!
  • Solis: What... No it doesn't!
  • Solis: That's not how it works!
  • Kotori: He's going to demote you once he hears that!!
  • Kotori: So you better n-not snitch!!
  • Corona: Ooh, did we find out leverage over Solis?
  • Solis: NO, you didn't, that's so unreasonable!
  • Solis: His highness wouldn't listen to it.
  • Kotori: A-and how would you know?
  • Corona: Actually, he totally would listen and then fuck you up!
  • Corona: I spend my time always around him so I know BETTER!
  • Kotori: S-she does!!
  • Solis: Oh my god, this is so ridiculous.
  • Solis: Corona is such a negative influence on you.
  • Solis: You know what, fine.
  • Corona: Haha, yay Solis, you stink less now!
  • Solis: But only because I bet something fucking horrible will happen to you two if his highness knows any of this.
  • Corona: Nooo, nothing would happen, WE'RE HIS FAVORITES.
  • Solis: No, eat my foot.

Solis: Become the un-snitch.

  • Solis: No matter your rank, working with any humans is a serious transgression.
  • Solis: So I thought maybe confessing to his highness then turning a new leaf instead of lying would let Kotori off the hook.
  • Kotori: ...
  • Solis: But FINE, if you think you can hide it then go for it.
  • Solis: I'm only playing along so nothing bad happens to either of you.
  • Kotori: ...
  • Corona: Hahaaa, how heartwarming, now if only you'd agreed to this earlier instead of bitching so much.
  • Kotori: You don't have to be so concerned over me.
  • Solis: Sigh.
  • Solis: I don't understand why you went so far to befriend a random human like this.
  • Solis: That carries unfortunate implications to any loyal monster, you know.
  • Kotori: It's... None of your business.
  • Corona: ...I meaaan...
  • Corona: I'm curious too, but I don't think it matters!!
  • Corona: Cause Tori seems totes fine with gettin' rid of this human now.
  • Kotori: ...
  • Kotori: I am.
  • Corona: See? Nothing to worry about!
  • Solis: Man, even if you say so, it's still worrisome.

Kotori: Reflect on Aria.

  • Kotori: Really, I don't particularly care anymore.
  • Kotori: So let's just get going.

Aria: Wake up.

You wake up in an unfamiliar place.

It... Looks like you survived.

You slowly recall everything that's happened.

Oh dear lord, Nino died to save you and you lost control of everything, then you got your shit kicked in by Corona.


...Okay, okay, no use focusing on the past, the now and here is more important. You proceed to slowly inspect your surroundings.

This place is very... rundown. It is also unusually COLD, you doubt anyone's stepped foot in here for a long time. From seeing the SUSPICIOUS bars on the window, and scratches on the wall, plus the ODD CHAIN enclosed on your leg, you conclude that this is some sort of jail or dungeon.

Which leads you to think that there'll be a ritual soon involving you. Oh dear.

Aria: Start Jailbreak Adventure.
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