25 Jul 2018

Corona: Actually kill the human now. She's not even moving! Easy target


Look, you know you absolutely made it seem like the only thing you were here to do is absolutely pulverize every absolute fiber of the two humans, and you know you absolutely did it to the shouty brunet earlier, HOWEVER...

You were absolutely absolutely not supposed to!

You see, monsters have a very specific way of getting rid of humans. It involves a very contrived and pretty damn weird ritual, which you don't really know the process of since you've never participated in one. And you think your ignorance about it is very logical!!

"Why would a winged take part in a monster's tradition?" ...That's more or less how you like to think, or how you felt was acceptable to think, until you made a very normal mistake:

In the early days of your job, you accidentally killed a human in a very normal way, which his highness was VERY upset about... Which, in turn, is REALLY rare! He's never been upset with you besides that one time, that's how rare it is! Not that it means he isn't easily upset in general. That's just when it comes to you. {}B)

He IS scary when he's upset though, and you'd rather not see that again.

Thus, you declare that this slumbering human gets a few more moments to live until she dies to some weird ritual. Yeah it's SOOO unsatisfactory, you know, but it's okay. You got your fill by killing the other one.

Well... Sure you did fuck up there by killing that one like you're NOT supposed to, but it's alright.

You're the only one who knows that there were two of them. As long as one is alive, no one has to know that you killed the other human very normally and naturally. {}B)

Corona: Reflect on how troublesome this was in comparison to other jobs you've dealt with.

Nah, not even! As the ruler's right hand, you've had way worse jobs!!

You're stretching only a tiny bit by saying that you are in fact half the reason this world is still here - only a tiiiiny stretch in saying that. The other half would be his highness.

This is very tame compared to what you've dealt with before, however it was still... unexpected. The lot of these humans required more attention and less messing around than you thought.

Which you guess is a little commendable.

Good job, human girl.

Corona: Go fetch the dog. And also the tiny small child.

No need to. Monsters are not your enemies! And uh...

Who could even harm a DOG? Not even you would dare, not even you!

Besides, you doubt they'd pose any real threats. Maybe it'll knock some sense into them to be away from humans, yeah. And anyway, you have more pressing matters, like your bet!!!

You can't wait to rub your victory in Tori's face later.

Corona: Tend to your wing, it got a puncture!

Before you could think about doing that, you're approached by someone.
Well, two someones you're quite familiar with.

It's time to get paid for a job well done.

Corona: Is flying still possible?

  • Corona: Oh, hi.
  • Corona: Heheheh, rare seeing you two together!
  • Solis: Shush.
  • Corona: Hey, what the fuck happened to your arm?
  • Kotori: That's not important... What the fuck happened to your wing?
  • Corona: That's not important either!
  • Corona: As you can see I had a bit of trouble, but it's nothing, I can still fly!
  • Corona: I guess I might be wonky at flying, but it's okay! This hole will close in a few months time, no sweat.
  • Corona: So now that's out of the way!! Anyway!!
  • Corona: The important thing is!!
  • Corona: I got the human!!!
  • Kotori: Oh...
  • Solis: Did you now?
  • Corona: Yep! Wait...
  • Corona: Ew!!
  • Corona: Why is SOLIS here??
  • Solis: Shut it.
  • Kotori: I could ask the same.
  • Solis: Shut it! I just paid for your ""medical bills"", you know!
  • Corona: Ooh, quadruple quotation marks.
  • Solis: Anyway, I'm here because everyone took too fucking long.

  • Solis: His highness was getting increasingly agitated, so of course I had to be the one to go check on what the fuck you guys have been up to.
  • Solis: I took a shortcut to Red Tulip, and heard from locals about a few alarming happenings there.
  • Solis: It seemed that a human injured Kotori and fled, to make it short.
  • Solis: Then, a local reported to me hearing suspiciously violent sounds nearby-
  • Solis: Which of course I immediately concluded was you, Corona.
  • Corona: Probably! I mean, look how bloody I made it here!!
  • Solis: Of course you did.

Corona: Congratulate yourself on winning the bet!

  • Solis: So Kotori, who apparently gets her medical care from a bunch of shady maids in an inn, showed me the way to here.
  • Solis: And I guess here we are now.
  • Kotori: Hey, they happen to be old-time friends, and they're not shady!
  • Kotori: Just... Bad at socializing.
  • Solis: Well, I appreciate that they were nice enough to take care of you.
  • Solis: Anyway, here we are.
  • Solis: The walk here was as awkwardly silent as you're imagining it.
  • Kotori: ...
  • Corona: Hmm hmm yeah, cool! I care so much.
  • Corona: Now, onto more important matters...
  • Corona: Kotori, how about that bet?? Huh?
  • Kotori: ...
  • Kotori: ... You really did capture the target?
  • Corona: Duh!
  • Corona: Congrats to me!!

  • Corona: Take a look-see! There's our mosquito!

Corona: Get those 20 bucks you were promised.

  • Corona: Like I said, there was some slight trouble,
  • Corona: But I still got it before you!!
  • Corona: So how about that twenty bucks, huh?
  • Solis: Oh, right.
  • Solis: You two had some dumb deal going on.
  • Corona: God, that was ages ago!
  • Corona: Keep up with the times, Soli!
  • Solis: You do know I barely care about what you're saying half the time, right.
  • Corona: Jeez, no tact.
  • Corona: Of course I know, you're boring like that.
  • Corona: Oh well, I care more about Tori than you right now!
  • Solis: That's no news.
  • Corona: Heehee.
  • Corona: ...
  • Corona: Sooo...
  • Corona: Kotoriiii... How about that bet?
  • Corona: ...

  • Corona: ...You feelin' too bad about losing to even reply? {}B)
  • Kotori: So you did win it. Ok.
  • Corona: ...
  • Corona: That's... A really dry reply.
  • Corona: Not the reaction I wanted, gotta say!
  • Corona: Hmmm! HmmMM--
  • Kotori: Good lord.
  • Corona: There, got that out of my system!
  • Corona: Now give me my money.
  • Corona: That's the only way I'll be satisfied considering that weak reaction.
  • Solis: I should also mention I kindly paid those maids for taking care of you.
  • Solis: This seems like the perfect time to mention it.
  • Solis: So.
  • Solis: Corona isn't the only one you owe money to.
  • Kotori: ...Fine, fine, stop nagging at me!
  • Kotori: W-we should get this done with first, and then we can worry about my debts.
  • Kotori: So, it's mission accomplished?
  • Kotori: What now.
  • Corona: Oh, we've gotta report back! And uh...
  • Corona: Yoooou guys will do the ritual stuff?
  • Corona: Y'know uh, the ceremony you do.
  • Corona: And as usual I'm not getting involved! Okay!
  • Kotori: You're right.
  • Kotori: And sure, whatever, I don't involve myself with it either.
  • Kotori: Let's go.
  • Solis: ...
  • Solis: Hey, you two, hang on.
  • Corona: Hmm?
  • Solis: Aren't you forgetting something?
  • Corona: Whaaaat...
  • Kotori: Um. What do you mean?
  • Corona: We got the mosquito, that's all isn't it?
  • Solis: ...
  • Solis: Okay.
  • Solis: I'm getting tired of sitting on this and hoping one of you mentions it.
  • Solis: At this point, I might start thinking you're being silent on purpose. So I may as well just come out with it and hopefully refute that.
  • Solis: What about the other human.
  • Corona: !
  • Kotori: !
Corona: Human? What other human? Maybe if you deny it enough, it'll become true!
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4 years ago

Suvvilan is worried because of Nino. He is too powerful and totally cool to live. Considering if my theory was right about Corona killing everyone Nino knows. It means Nino survived Corona. AS A CHILD!