12 Dec 2017

Corona: Rethink your choice of fashion. Chains? What are we, a chain gang now? They're cramping your style and you need to take them off.

Nah, no way, these FABULOUS chains ARE your style!
Plus, they're a good reminder!! You'd never take them off...

They're just a really, really good reminder.

The fact that you can fly as freely as you wish, despite these chains on your hands...

...Is always a wonderful reminder to you.

Reader: Fail at keeping up with colored text.

Corona: Earlier, you mentioned splitting up with Solis "at the fork in the road". Where's that fork?

Jeez, it's right here!

Way to interrupt a weird sequence of... whatever that was.

Anyway, it isn't quite literally a fork in the road. It's actually this single spot with an opening between the endless dead trees.

It's a path that only someone like you, a winged, could take.

Corona: time to eliminate the mosquito.

Corona: Be Fabulous. With your fabulous dangly chains.

Corona: Become the bird. With minimal wing cramps.
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5 years ago

Be quiet Corona our alliance lies with Nino. Also we can posses other people sometimes and trick them. I'll dub this term the Nino virus considering He spread it to Aria, Five and Ludwig. And Kotori spread it to Corona. So We can now influence people. Considering she reacts but doesn't once directly talk to us.