04 Dec 2017

Corona: Mess with him some more. You know you want to.

You would LOVE to mess with his head some more, but unfortunately you don't have that kind of time on hand at the moment. Oh well, you can always fly by his watchpoint later to swiftly shit on his pathetic existence again!!

Solis mouths off some more (weak) insults as he's leaving. Nothing of value was lost today.

Corona: Elaborate on your bet

Now... Where were we?

Your name is Corona Andromede, and you're gonna make goddamn bank today.

Several hours ago, that little punk made the mistake of betting 20 fucking bucks against you. Yes, that's right, TWENTY fucking BUCKS. That's as many as TWO tens!!

As it stands, the other not-so-little punk is just useless dead weight on you, so it's a good thing that he's leaving. God, it must be so sad to live life as a wingless being!

You take a moment to appreciate how you basically effortlessly overshadow everyone else here just by existing. Life is good.

Now, back to your objective.

What was it that the big man ordered again?

Hmm, "Eliminate the mosquito", right.

If you're being honest though, you care less about doing the job than winning the bet. In fact, the only reason you're doing this is to win the bet and force Kotori to grovel in defeat at your feet.

Stepping out like this is a really rare occurrence for you, since your job is to, quite literally, "babysit" everyone's beloved ruler, for lack of a better word.

You, not Corona, but YOU, the reader, also take a moment to contemplate the many colored words in these last few pages. Damn, that IS a lot of colored words going around!! How will you ever be able to keep track???

Corona: Rethink your choice of fashion. Chains? What are we, a chain gang now? They're cramping your style and you need to take them off.
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5 years ago

There's too many colored words in these last few pages

5 years ago

Corona seems disrespectful of the prince.