04 Nov 2017


  • Kotori: God dammit.
  • Kotori: Each one of you just makes this harder and harder to do.
  • Kotori: I can see you shaking, stop trying to act like you aren't scared!
  • Kotori: I'm scared too!
  • Kotori: Even though I'm supposed to do the right thing,
  • Kotori: I don't know what the right thing IS!
  • Kotori: I just have to believe that this is all inevitable, and move on.
  • Kotori: T-this really is your last chance, so move now.
  • Kotori: Before I do something regrettable!
  • Five: ...
  • Five: N...

  • Five: ...Nino?

  • Kotori: Huh? Nin-

Kotori: Turn around.

Kotori: Parry.
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5 years ago

Whats with Nino's eyes they keep glowing like in the art session and here! This may be stylistic or important. In other news i'm reading too much into every detail.