07 Nov 2017

Kotori: Parry.

A weak parry attempt is made.

Alas, the power of surprise is far too great to overcome quickly enough.

Nino: Attempt to knock Kotori out, but don't try to kill.

Of course you're not killing anyone!

You just need some sort of...

Nino: Show her your stabs.


Nino: No one needs to die today.

And there's your distraction.

Your heart is beating so fast, you're doing nothing but relying on instinct. Turns out, your instinct got kind of... bloody. You think you almost cut off an arm there. No time to dwell on that though.

There are far more pressing matters to be addressed right now!

  • Nino: Aria, Five!!

  • Nino: Are you alright?
  • Five: N...Nino!
  • Nino: We have to get out of here! Hurry!
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4 years ago

With as unhappy as Kotori seems about the whole situation, what reason she could possibly have to smile in the last panel? :ninoThink:

4 years ago

Well Nino might have some killing instict, wonder what would happen if he gets mad if he thinks Aria and Five are dead.