02 Nov 2017


  • Kotori: You probably won't forgive me for this, ever.
  • Kotori: I know I won't forgive myself either.
  • Kotori: But things have to change eventually.
  • Kotori: I can't look back anymore.
  • Kotori: These days won't keep repeating like a reborn flower.
  • Kotori: So I've accepted the fact that it has to end, and it will end today.
  • Kotori: You too have to accept that.

Villagers: Shun the human.

  • Kotori: It's over, Aria.
  • Kotori: You're coming with me to the execution cenote.

Camera: Cut to Nino, double quick!

What? What's so important about this guy?

Look at this piece of shit.

All he's doing is uselessly fiddling with a flower, while important people are POSSIBLY BEING MURDERED AS WE SPEAK. What a bag of douche. Let's be this guy.

You are now Nino.

You're trying to experiment with your ability, like Aria suggested before. It seems like you can't heal any of these tulips.

Is it because they're already wilted? You have no idea. Oh well, you guess you're not gonna come back with any decent flowers for Aria.

Nino: Notice some BIG SOUNDS.

What sounds? You hear nothing, save for the windiness of the forest.

... And, uh... Ludwig?

Your dog pal brorks to draw your attention to something important.

Five: stop Kotori.

  • Five: No!!

Five: protect.

  • Five: Don't hurt... Aria!!
  • Five: Leave Aria alone!!!
  • Kotori: ...
  • Kotori: Move out of my way.
  • Five: N-no!
  • Five: Five... Five won't move!!
  • Kotori: Don't test my patience.
  • Five: Five.. Five will... protect Aria!
  • Five: S-So, go away!

  • Kotori: ...
  • Kotori: This is your last chance.
  • Kotori: I won't hesitate to do whatever I must to finish what I started.
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5 years ago

odd, miraged can't go full red yet Nino can as seen by the villagers, may be artistic. Also Nino may notice us considering his reaction to some of our commands. Others seem to not notice us, I suppose we're the trolls of Homestuck and Nino is partially Doc Scratch. Great, as if Nino wasn't scary when seriously mad already.

5 years ago

Miraged cant go full red yet Nino can. May be artistic. Nino can react to our commands as shown here: https://oceanfalls.net/p/1325. He seems to be the only one who notices us and he can resist as evidenced by him resisting visiting Kotori to go to the library. We are the trolls of Homestuck and he is the only one who acknowledes us.