26 May 2017

Nino: Ask what a guy has to do to get a tour around here.

  • Kotori: Anyway, I'm a busy person, so--
  • Nino: So!! Red Tulip Town huh?
  • Nino: Quite a fantastic name, probably poetic on some level or something!
  • Nino: Think you could show me around sometime?
  • Kotori: Um.

  • Kotori: ...Are you asking me out or something.
  • Nino: I-- Uh-- No-- Why would you think so?
  • Kotori: I told you before, you have Aria with you.
  • Kotori: She can just show you around.
  • Kotori: I don't see why I'd have to help with that.
  • Nino: Oh.
  • Kotori: Dumbass. Don't interrupt people like that again.
  • Aria: Tori, that's kinda harsh...

  • Kotori: AS I was saying, before I got RUDELY interrupted.
  • Nino: ...Sorry.
  • Kotori: I'm busy, so I'll let you be on your way now.
  • Aria: Are you still on watch around here?
  • Kotori: Yeah, I haven't finished surveying this area yet.
  • Aria: Seems like things have been rough since that other guard got moved.
  • Aria: You seem busy all the time nowadays!

  • Kotori: Yeah, well... I'm in charge of the whole place all by myself now.
  • Aria: That sounds like too much... Please don't overwork yourself.
  • Kotori: It's nothing, don't worry about it.
  • Kotori: Besides, more work just means more pay.

Nino, Aria, Kotori, Five and Ludwig: Well, what are you waiting for, get a move on!

  • Kotori: Well, I have to get going.
  • Aria: We'll be out of your way then.
  • Aria: Seeya, Tori!
  • Kotori: Mhm, I might see you around town later.
  • Kotori: Have fun.
  • Nino: (I was absolutely not flirting with her.)
  • Aria: (A-are you still hung up on that?)
  • Nino: (Whatever. Let's go.)

Everyone: Go on.

  • Nino: You guys sound like you're on good terms.

  • Aria: Yeah! Tori's nice to me.
  • Nino: Sure seems like it.

  • Nino: Nevermind that, hey! We've arrived.
  • Nino: Is this... Red Tulip Town?
  • Aria: Nope, we're not quite there yet.
  • Aria: The town is a little bit ahead.

  • Nino: This is...
  • Aria: The graveyard.
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1 year ago

tl;dr: Nino asks for a tour in a way that sounds a lot like flirting and gets hard rejected by Kotori. Kotori has to go to do work, so Aria and Nino take their leave, but not before Kotori ominously stares from the darkness and disappears. They quickly arrive at a spooky graveyard.