15 Apr 2017


  • Kotori: So, now that formal greets are out of the way,
  • Kotori: Red Tulip Town's right up ahead, if you need a quick rest.
  • Kotori: You have Aria with you, so just let her show you around.
  • Kotori: Also.

Kotori: ask kindly for the spear that Nino has in his inventory back

  • Kotori: Give me back my SHIT.
  • Kotori: BOTH of you. NOW.
  • Aria: (O-oh, yeah, that's right...)
  • Nino: Oh, right.
  • Nino: Us having your spears wasn't a thing that stopped being a thing or anything, whoops.
  • Nino: Sorry, I kinda forgot!
  • Kotori: Cut the sass and just give 'em back!

Shake hand, return spears, be the diplomat.

You and Aria quickly work it out and give Kotori her spears back, which she quickly stows into her inventory, not giving you a chance to peek at what's inside.

Why are you even looking in there.

Respect people's privacy next time you creep.

Nino: Use the fact that you are no longer fearing for your life to check your party screen again.

You seize up the opportunity for a quick check-up. Seems like Aria's in your party now, whatever that means! You still don't even know what this party's for, but you hope you can invite all of your friends!

You briefly wonder who the other two slots are for, before moving back on to the matter at hand. You have more important things to focus on right now.

Nino: Ask what a guy has to do to get a tour around here.
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4 years ago

kotori may have some special items due to the blacked-out silhouettes.

11 months ago

tl;dr: Kotori directs Nino to Red Tulip Town and respectfully asks for her spears back. They try to peek at her inventory but can't see anything. Nino checks the party screen, and he finds out Aria is actually invited! Now he doesn't have to celebrate alone.