20 May 2016

Nino: Listen for the wolf-howl again. Choose the path furthest away from it.

If your hearing is to be trusted, the howls seem to be coming from the upper path.

You go through the bottom path...

But you are quickly met with a DEAD END.

Something shimmers in the distance...

Nino: Plunder that sweet loot.

Oh boy, is this more treasure? God you hope it is something cool.

Nino: Look at the shimmering things, are those flowers?

What the...
It's just some yellow flowers.

You got excited all over nothing?? Wow, this adventure is off to a GREAT start!!! Oh boy!!!! You really want to kick something now!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!

Wait, hold that thought.

The flowers are weirdly resonating with your presence...

Nino: Poke the flowers, they could have radiation.

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