21 May 2016

Nino: Poke the flowers, they could have radiation.

Radiation? Does that happen to flowers? Eh, you're no scientist.
They glow a strange green color. The atmosphere, it feels somehow...


You will need to conduct further investigation on this matter, regardless of the fact that the flowers may or may not be irradiated.

Nino: See how your healing hands interact with the flowers.

Well, their glow is sorta similar to your ability.

Surely a single poke couldn't hurt, right? They're just flowers.

The flowers glow in unison with your HEALING HANDS.

This feels very familiar.

A past memory is recalled.

But perhaps this is just another mere haze.

Vivid recollection flashes through your he#%&&*^!@@##


  • Five: ...nino?

  • Nino: Wha... oh, Five.
  • Five: ...nino... feeling bad?
  • Nino: Oh. No no, it was nothing.

  • Five: Nino... didn't answer!
  • Five: Five...try to... get attention!
  • Five: For... very long time!!! a lot!
  • Five: Nino... really feeling ok?
  • Nino: Oh, wow, was I really that spaced out?
  • Nino: Sorry, sorry, but really everything is alright!
  • Five: ...Promise?

  • Nino: ...
  • Nino: Yeah, I promise.

You notice something happening to the flowers... Their glow fades away.

You felt something change in your INVENTORY.

You've gained back +1 REMEDY.

Nino: Pocket the flowers for later consumption.

Who the heck eats flowers??? Not you, as far as you know.

Five looks very worried. You need to ease her mind.
You think you have an idea.

  • Nino: Hey Five, I have something for you.
  • Nino: Do you like presents?
  • Five: present!!
  • Five: ...present?
  • Five: present... for five?
  • Nino: Hold on.
  • Five: ?

Nino: Take the flowers and make for Five a flowercrown.

  • Nino: There we go!
  • Nino: But three flowers isn't enough for a crown, sorry!
  • Nino: I'll make you a better one if we find more.
  • Five: !!!!!!
Five: Embrace Nino, show him how grateful you are for being your friend.
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3 years ago


1 year ago

tl;dr: Nino wonders if radioactive flowers are a thing, and sees a glow similar to his Healing. He boops them for science, and hallucinates. Turns out it was for a while, and Five got worried, but he says it's cool. The apparently drugged flowers stop glowing, and his White Mage powers feel rejuvenated. Nino decides to turn the Peyotes into a flower crown for Five.