20 May 2016

Nino: Vent your rage on the crate and swear vengeance on this "K" person.

You make it your new personal quest to make this "K" person pay. Who do they think they're calling a "Kleptomaniac"??? What an asshole!!!

You kick the crate in frustration. It gains you +1 STUPIDITY point.

Five is intrigued by your behavior. +1 CURIOSITY point.

Nino: It's clearly some sort of trick. Turn the note around.

You turn it over... Nope. No tricks here.

This time it's more like an APOLOGY NOTE, and not quite as UNPLEASANT as before. The tone and writing style seem radically different, and less douchey-sounding.

Ok, you're done here. This is STUPID.

You think you've done everything you could here. Since there is no way other than the one you came from, you decide to return back to where you started.

You stash the UNPLEASANT/APOLOGETIC NOTE in your inventory.

Two unexplored paths sit ahead of you. One at the top, and the other is directly below it. The top path seems longer than the other.

Now, where to go?

Nino: Listen for the wolf-howl again. Choose the path furthest away from it.
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1 year ago

tl;dr: Nino is determined to get revenge on K (in blue), and investigates the other side of the note. It's another note of some T person (in red) apologizing for K's douchebagery. Nino decides to move on.

1 year ago

but the note color retcon though>

Exxy :3
Exxy :3
9 months ago

On This Page We Learn: Boxes will also CLOSE themselves in the dark