20 May 2016

Nino: Take the right-hand path.

You find a small isolated area.

It's kind of foggy in here.

Nino: Inspect footprints.

Footprints. They are not a human's or a monster's, as far as you know.
They seem more... beastly.

Perhaps they belong to a creature of the forest.

Many creatures and wild animals roam this DARK forest. This is the only place they can live in, seeing as they can't handle any LIGHT.

Nino: What's that box over there? Can you open it?

You remove the wood paneling from the top with ease.

Nino: Look inside.

As you prepare to peer into the box, you wonder what sort of insane loot is stashed in here? Usually in adventures, heroes find cool treasure chests! This box probably holds a GREAT TREASURE!

Well, okay, a wooden box is not AS COOL AS A CHEST, but it'll suffice.

You will probably find something really cool in here! What kinds of magnificent treasures does this box hold, you wonder?

Five can't stand the suspense!

Nino: Cut to the chase, end the suspense! What's in the box?

You are greeted by an UNPLEASANT NOTE, written in some rather STRONG LANGUAGE.

You feel a little insulted.

Nino: Vent your rage on the crate and swear vengeance on this "K" person.
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1 year ago

tl;dr: Nino goes right and finds animal tracks. Also finds a box, but he and Five's hopes are dashed when a mean spirited piece of paper is the only thing inside.

1 year ago

_ _
(i posted on the wrong update i am stupid)

Exxy :3
Exxy :3
9 months ago

On This Page We Learn: Boxes will randomly open in the darkness. (panel 1 and 2)

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