19 May 2016

Nino: Give Five a reassuring smile before continuing onward.

You give her a smile, and let her know that everything will be alright.

You also let her hold your hand instead of clinging to your clothes. She obliges happily, and doesn't look afraid at all now! Wow, is holding your hand really that reassuring? Only she knows the answer.

Nino: Can you check Five's status?

You click around the menu looking for a STATUS CHECK option and WHOA what's this? Party members? What? There's three empty slots...?

It doesn't look like Five is an acceptable PARTY MEMBER. Rather, she is just a COMPANION of yours. You can only check the STATUS of your PARTY MEMBERS, and you currently have none.

Oh wow, the pressure's on now. Do you really have to find three more MEMBERS? Jeez. What's the PARTY's occasion, anyway? Is it someone's birthday? So many questions.

You get the feeling that you shouldn't be seeing this yet.

You finally decide to stop messing around with the menu. This is no time for such shenanigans! You will need to find an exit. The faster you get out of this forest, the better.

There are three visible paths in front of you. Which one to choose?

Nino: Take the right-hand path.
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1 year ago

tl;dr: Nino reassures Five that everything is completely fine don't worry hahaha. Nino discovers he was a party menu, but for some reason Five wasn't invited. Decides to move on.