23 Jul 2022

Even if you must give everything up for a peaceful future?

So rather than acting only as a supervisor for training, you chose to take a more friendly, collaborative approach in assisting her. As a result, the two of you went from mere co-workers to good friends. And then, you eventually...


Never mind all that.

Reminiscing about the past never does you any good. Your thoughts linger solely on the good parts, your old friendship with Kotori, Corona, and the prince...

How deeply you wish it could be reconstructed.

It rings impossible, and yet, a part of you still wants to try.

Solis: It wouldn't hurt to open your heart again just a touch, would it?

  • Kotori: What are you spacing out there for?
  • Kotori: You've been staring at my face for a while.
  • Solis: Crap! ...Sorry.
  • Spirit: -.-. .-. . . .--. -.-.--
  • Kotori: (Pffft!)
  • Solis: Uh, what is it saying?
  • Kotori: Ahem... who knows? Hehe!
  • Solis: What? Did I miss something here...
  • Spirit: .-- .... .- - / .- .-. . -. .----. - / -.-- --- ..- / -- .. ... ... .. -. --.
  • Solis: Ugh, I don't think I like this spirit.
  • Solis: It's looking at me as if it's judging me.
  • Kotori: Hahah... er, no, no!
  • Kotori: That's just your imagination.
  • Solis: Ugh, well, whatever!
  • Solis: Looks like you're all set with your spirit buddy here, so I guess it's alright.
  • Solis: So, uh, before I go...
  • Solis: This is a bit unrelated, but hear me out.
  • Solis: Just earlier before coming here, I got told to get lost by Corona.
  • Kotori: Whoa! Why, what did you do?
  • Solis: Why's your first thought that it's my fault?
  • Kotori: Corona doesn't tell people off unfairly, I don't think!
  • Solis: ...Welp, you're not wrong.
  • Kotori: But you're not a nasty guy, so...
  • Kotori: What did you do to make her so upset?
  • Solis: I mentioned that I won't attend the celebrations for his highness.
  • Kotori: Oh...
  • Kotori: Considering everything, it's looking like I won't be going either.
  • Kotori: So we can both get lost, I guess!
  • Solis: ...Sure, yes.
  • Solis: But, Kotori, what if...
  • Solis: If we do ensure that everything will be fine, then...
  • Solis: Wouldn't it be possible for you to go?
  • Kotori: Solis...
  • Kotori: Right now, a birthday is the least of my worries.
  • Solis: I mean, n-not to impose on you, or anything.
  • Solis: I was just wondering.

Spirit: Give them some space.

  • Kotori: Well, what about you, then?
  • Kotori: It sounds like you've changed your mind on not attending.
  • Kotori: So is this an invitation of sorts, perhaps?
  • Solis: Uh... maybe it's a foolish suggestion.
  • Solis: His highness bluntly told me that my presence is the same as my absence.
  • Solis: But somehow, despite hearing that...
  • Solis: I still think that if there's ever a chance for the three of us to hang out again, just like old times, then... it wouldn't be that bad at all.
  • Solis: ...His highness included, too.
  • Solis: I mean, don't you miss being part of this once-in-a-year occasion?
  • Kotori: Hmm, do you?
  • Solis: Err, uh...
  • Kotori: Heheh, Solis, you're not subtle at all!
  • Kotori: You're describing your feelings here, not mine.
  • Solis: Fuck.
  • Solis: Okay. Well. You got me there.
  • Solis: I guess I do miss those days. A little bit.
  • Kotori: ...So you'd attend if I do too, then?
  • Solis: Well, why not.
  • Solis: I'll be motivated for once if it's not just family there.
  • Solis: Take it as, uh... a friendly invitation to join me?
  • Kotori: Um...
  • Kotori: If everything goes well, then I don't mind!
  • Kotori: This time, I want to go if I can. It would be nice if it's possible...
  • Kotori: Plus, I still need to give Corona money for our bet.
  • Solis: Oh, god, she hasn't let you off the hook for that?
  • Kotori: Of course not! You know how she is!
  • Solis: ...Heh, yeah.
  • Solis: Okay, it's a deal, then.

Solis & Kotori: Conclude.

...What, not a "see you later" too?

Well, guess you're parting ways with that, then...


Honestly, what are you doing on such an important day?

Not like you ever planned to go to the celebrations either, even though your entire family probably already left for it, but now... you're going to be standing guard.

Somehow, you ended up doing work during an official break.

You were planning to just take it easy at home, but, well...
If this is what will makes Kotori happy, and ease her worries...
And, possibly, something that will keep his highness safe...


Then it's not a problem at all.
The companionship of the deceased.
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1 year ago

Spirit speech translated

line 1 : CREEP!
image text : AWKWARD...

1 year ago
Reply to  VB.Rainer

I can't help but wonder why Kotori looks so pained in the final panel. is it guilt? sadness? nostalgia? all those? does she really want things to go back to the way they were? does she know something we don't? my theorist brain won't stop turning

1 year ago
Reply to  VB.Rainer

I get the feeling it's because she thinks Solis is going to die, or be permanently removed from her life. She says "goodbye, SOlis" instead of returning his "see you later," then the last panel has the imagery of them being separated despite being on the same road.

1 year ago
Reply to  Eel

It's probably Kotori who'll die, or is at risk of dying. She isn't the type to sacrifice her friends, as seen with Aria, and the communicating with spirits probably serves as symbolism/foreshadowing.

10 months ago

"the companionship of the deceased"
it does feel like dying would make you their companion

1 year ago

nino: try to heal Reed's hands or Kaji's eye. with their permission, of course.

1 year ago

Kotori: How exactly are you feeling? You're a bit distant all of a sudden.

Suvillan: Do some princely party things!

1 year ago

I'm very late for prompting, but I assume we go back to Nino and Co soon. Since my old answers were for if he wakes up in the morning, I thought of some for if he wakes up a bit too early.

Nino: Wake up. Is it morning yet?

Nino: Do you remember what you dreamed about?

Nino: Take a walk and try to clear your mind. Putting thoughts on the metaphorical back-burner can often help sort them out.

Nino: Ponder what that... thing, said to you. If that Phantom really was you, then are you really sure you want to remember? Kaji did say you could lose yourself if your memories turn out undesirable.

Nino: Make an important decision.

Someone Else: Be awake.

Nino: Who goes there?!

Pun Lord
Pun Lord
1 year ago

Kotori: What’s got your spirits down?

Solis: Orange you happy you at least seem to be getting closer to your friends again? Even if slowly, it’s progress, so you should be glad things could be reborn.