23 Jul 2022

Suvillan: Break out of your awkward silence.

  • Suvillan: ...I see.
  • Suvillan: Having one name makes you mononymous.
  • Suvillan: It is the custom of this world to give such people the chance to adopt a surname from royalty.
  • Suvillan: Kotori, would you like to take my surname?
  • Kotori: Whoa...! No, no, no!
  • Kotori: Absolutely not, how could I!
  • Kotori: You're a prince, and I'm...
  • Kotori: I am... just some homeless person!
  • Suvillan: ...Right. I do have an idea of your standing.
  • Suvillan: I extended the offer with that in mind, but I understand your reservations.
  • Suvillan: After all, something of mine would not be fitting of your status.
  • Kotori: It is fine, your highness!
  • Kotori: A surname is not of importance to me.
  • Kotori: I am... Kotori.
  • Kotori: And that is all I can be.
  • Suvillan: ...As you wish, then.

Suvillan: Rise.

  • Suvillan: But, young lady Kotori.
  • Suvillan: Don't call yourself homeless.
  • Suvillan: You are welcome to reside in this world that I am rebuilding.
  • Suvillan: You're one of my people, so I never want to hear you call yourself that.
  • Kotori: Oh...
  • Kotori: Really!?
  • Suvillan: Yes.
  • Suvillan: This is your home, Kotori.
  • Kotori: Whoa...
  • Kotori: Then if I use what the prince's people give me...
  • Kotori: Is that also allowed?
  • Suvillan: As long as you are in your home, it is!
  • Suvillan: So don't worry about anything, and use what you need to recover well.
  • Kotori: I... I see! Wow!
  • Kotori: I must admit I was a little intimidated to meet you, but...
  • Kotori: You are far kinder than I thought!

Kotori: Acknowledge.

  • Kotori: You are a good prince, Suvillan!
  • Kotori: A really, really good one!

Kotori: And don't forget your thanks!

  • Kotori: Thank you very much for-


  • Kotori: Wah!

Kotori: ?????

  • Kotori: Again!?
  • Kotori: What are you doing!
  • Suvillan: Nothing.
  • Suvillan: Don't worry about it.

Suvillan: Give Orange Sh- sorry, Solis, a new task. Mainly in regards to Kotori.

  • Suvillan: Solis.
  • Solis: Y-yes, your highness?
  • Suvillan: She looks well rested, but not much else.
  • Suvillan: She probably needs something to eat, and to drink...
  • Suvillan: Can you take her to one of the nearby provision points?
  • Suvillan: And until she's fully recovered, would you keep a close eye on her?
  • Solis: If you want me to, I sure can...
  • Suvillan: Then, she is in your hands.
  • Suvillan: You must keep her safe.
  • Solis: Ah... understood.
  • Suvillan: I'm sure you can tell how much she's in need of it, so...
  • Suvillan: Take especially good care of her.
  • Solis: Of course, your highness.
It has been a while since he gave you such unusually direct orders.

For whatever reason, the prince seems... possibly fond of this person?
It's difficult to tell, but least you can confidently say that he doesn't dislike her.

You're certainly glad that your mishandling of a patient didn't become an issue here, but this good of an outcome wasn't what you expected at all...

Oh well. As far as you're concerned, you're to follow his highness' word.

To help this disorderly girl out, whoever she is.

Orange Shirt Guy: Help Kotori out the best you can.

  • Solis: Um.
  • Solis: You must be hungry by now, right.
  • Kotori: ...A bit.
  • Solis: Then, c'mon. Let's go eat.
  • Kotori: Oh... okay!
  • Kotori: But what is Suvillan going to do?
  • Solis: Whoa, hey now!
  • Solis: You can't call him by name so casually!
  • Solis: That's the prince!
  • Kotori: Oops!
  • Solis: Seriously, you have to be respectful...
Although it does seem like the prince wouldn't mind, for whatever reason.

  • Solis: Aside from periodically helping around the shelters,
  • Solis: The prince has been overseeing reconstructions of the damaged buildings.
  • Solis: From time to time, he directly assists the workers around here.
  • Kotori: Wow... with his own hands?
  • Kotori: I didn't imagine a ruler would do that!
  • Kotori: Haha, your prince won't look like a prince if he's doing servant work!
  • Solis: Uh, hey, you're very wrong there!
  • Solis: To me, that makes him more fit as a ruler!
  • Solis: More than if he were to separate himself from us...
  • Solis: At least, I can say he cares more than the previous prince ever did.
  • Kotori: Oh... is that why you've been helping a lot around here?
  • Kotori: People were saying you didn't take a break in quite a while.
  • Solis: Huh, I didn't know anyone noticed me going around.


(Scroll! ---->)

  • Solis: But, uh... you're probably right, huh.
  • Kotori: What if the prince doesn't reward you for the extra work?
  • Kotori: You'd be working much too hard for someone who won't even notice it!
  • Solis: That's perfectly fine, though.
  • Solis: I'm not even expecting him to know what I'm doing, anyway...
  • Kotori: Huh... then how come you work so hard, still?

Solis: Get nourishments for Kotori.

  • Solis: I trust the prince's vision for the future.
  • Solis: So I'll do everything he asks for, to make it come true.
  • Kotori: His vision...?
  • Solis: Yes.
  • Solis: He will build a future where we never have to suffer this much again.
  • Kotori: Oh... that sounds nice.
  • Kotori: I want the world to be like that, too.
  • Solis: Then, doesn't that mean you want to help the prince too?
  • Kotori: Um... can I?
  • Solis: If that's what you want, then of course you can.

Kotori: Ask what you can do in the shortest amount of time possible so you can become a bigger person in this world.

  • Kotori: Well, I want to be of use somehow... and not negligibly so!
  • Kotori: But I don't think I could truly make a difference...
  • Solis: Sure you could! Towards peace, even one person's efforts matters.
  • Solis: You can even start right now, by helping out here.
  • Kotori: Oh, I suppose I could, but...
  • Kotori: Is there maybe somewhere else that I can help?
  • Kotori: I mean, it looks like there's plenty of helping hands to go around here...
  • Solis: Hmm, come to think of it...
  • Solis: Places in Akkarmara are probably understaffed.
  • Solis: Maybe they'll need the extra help more.
  • Solis: Actually, I have a job to handle around there soon.
  • Solis: That'd be a good chance to show you the basics, if you want.
  • Kotori: Umm, hmm.
  • Kotori: Where are you doing that job exactly?
  • Solis: Not too far from here. It's by a small town called Red Tulip.
  • Kotori: ...Oh!
  • Kotori: Yes, there! I want to go there!
  • Kotori: I'll assist you with it!
  • Solis: Uhm, sure thing, then.
  • Kotori: B-but, wait... I've never done this work thing before.
  • Kotori: I've never needed to!
  • Kotori: I want to repay the prince, but I don't want my inexperience to trouble you...
  • Solis: Hey, you can always learn.
  • Solis: No one here got to where they are without trying.
  • Solis: Especially not his highness!
  • Solis: If you want to be non-negligible to him, then you'll have to work for it.
  • Kotori: Oh...
  • Solis: But don't worry, I'll give you a hand.
  • Solis: Nothing's difficult once you learn the ropes.
  • Solis: If even I can do something that matters, then you can too.


  • Kotori: I... I see!
Despite her work inexperience, Kotori certainly was a hard worker - but not the most disciplined. If things ever felt too stressful, she'd sneak off from her assigned tasks, prompting you to hound her and get her back on track.

Put simply, she was bad at conforming to absolute rules and inflexible demands.

Yet still, you could see that there was a lot of potential in her.

  • Kotori: Then, I'll do my best too, Solis!
Even if you must give everything up for a peaceful future?
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head pat <3

1 year ago

when solis first appeared, it was pretty hype but *not because of solis*>
i was so excited to finally see corona that honestly solis seems super unremarkable to me>
but he's actually so relatable and interesting with all of his different dynamics with other characters and every time he appears i love him more and more>