17 Jul 2022

It was the first dawn after war.

Corona: Talk to Suvillan.

  • Corona: Look how friggin' excited you are...
  • Corona: They have no idea you were bawling your eyes out back there, huh?
  • Suvillan: Ah! Corona, no!
  • Suvillan: Don't talk about that, please!
  • Corona: Mwahahaha!
  • Corona: Man... this name's gonna take a bit to get used to.
  • Suvillan: Do you prefer your old name?
  • Corona: Nah! "Andromeda" is a goddamn mouthful.
  • Corona: Besides, something new is much better.
  • Corona: Cuz now, nothing ties me with the shitty angels up there at all.
  • Suvillan: I'm glad you like it.
  • Suvillan: And, by the way...
  • Suvillan: I don't ever cry, okay?
  • Corona: Aha, sure thing, crybaby.
  • Suvillan: It's true!
  • Suvillan: I was simply... rather shaken up back there.
  • Suvillan: After what I saw, I thought all hope was lost.
  • Suvillan: But then, you showed up.
  • Corona: Mmm... really?
  • Corona: I don't think I looked like hope, did I?
  • Suvillan: Hahahaha!

  • Suvillan: A blood-covered angel, shaking me by the collar and demanding a "wish", certainly wouldn't be described as a shining beacon of hope by anyone else...
  • Suvillan: But I felt hopeful, because you asked for my wish!
  • Corona: Heh. I have to wonder why you were all alone on a ruined field.
  • Corona: Not one of your monsters bothered to come for you?
  • Suvillan: Ah, well... I'm not the only one who could've ascended the throne.
  • Suvillan: So when the fighting stopped, and with the death of the previous prince,
  • Suvillan: People were out in a panic, searching for someone to follow.
  • Suvillan: And those with a right to the throne took that opportunity.
  • Suvillan: Those of pure noble blood, who could entice people with riches, with land, or by touting their strength in combat... they're the most immediate choices.
  • Corona: Woah. Even the midworld's rulers have crazy power struggles...
  • Suvillan: Sure do.
  • Suvillan: I'm certain my half-siblings and other notorious royalty were out there, trying every trick in the book to rally people to their side...
  • Suvillan: And choosing me over them never crossed anyone's mind.
  • Corona: Uh, did these people really not believe in you at all?
  • Corona: Then how come they've made such a dramatic switch to your side now?
  • Suvillan: It's not like they couldn't come around to trust me!
  • Suvillan: But without you by my side, they would've been adamant never to.
  • Suvillan: Noble blood, material riches, reputation... they're all things that I lack.
  • Suvillan: I have never been given the chance to prove myself.
  • Suvillan: Therefore, no one thought to turn to me.
  • Suvillan: But I know that if anyone other than me were to ascend the throne...
  • Suvillan: It would result in total disaster.
  • Suvillan: And that's why, I really thought it was the end of everything.
  • Suvillan: ...But you showed up.
  • Suvillan: With you, I realized that I could spin it into a new beginning.
  • Corona: Huh...?
  • Corona: All you had me do is stand by while you talk to the crowd, though.
  • Suvillan: And that alone is more than enough!
  • Corona: ...Just the presence of a winged can rally 'em to your side?
  • Suvillan: That's right.

People are rather simple.

  • Suvillan: Because I don't seem enough as I am, I needed that little boost.
  • Suvillan: I needed to show them that I was chosen by the heavens to lead the way.
  • Corona: Eugh, come on! I'm not into that angelic bullshit!
  • Corona: You do know that I just wanted to use you, right?
  • Suvillan: ...Then, it's only fair that I was using you too, my lady.
  • Corona: Well, sure...
  • Corona: "Help me rule this world", you said... that sounded like fun.
  • Corona: I don't care for your conflicts, but I don't mind this wish...
  • Corona: As long as it gets me to stay as strong as I am.
  • Suvillan: Is it a good wish for you?
  • Corona: Ha, more like the best wish you could've made!
  • Corona: Little guy, I'm pretty sure we're breaking tons of cosmic rules here.
  • Suvillan: Oh...?
  • Corona: A winged's divinity is supposed to rely on the crappy overworld...
  • Corona: Unless we work our asses off on granting many, many stupid wishes.
  • Corona: But what you did is make one vague wish without a time limit on it.
  • Corona: You've allowed me to easily cut all ties with the winged up there!
  • Corona: Now that might just make me the strongest I could possibly be, you know.
  • Suvillan: W-woah! I had no clue about that at all!
  • Suvillan: I just spoke my mind at the time...
  • Corona: And that worked out well enough for me to spare your life, kid!
  • Corona: If I stick with you, I'll have my cake and eat it too. Aren'tcha glad!?
  • Suvillan: Haha... sure am.
  • Corona: But, y'know, besides having my powers...
  • Corona: I also don't mind hanging around this place.
  • Corona: Anything's gotta be better than that dumpster of a home in the sky.
  • Suvillan: ...Corona, my promise to the people earlier includes you too.
  • Corona: Hm? What does?
  • Suvillan: The promise of making this world a safe home.
  • Suvillan: I'd like it if you regarded this place as a new home for yourself...
  • Suvillan: And if I could make it a likeable one at that!
  • Corona: Uhm... sure.
  • Corona: That'd be pretty cool too, I think.
  • Corona: I don't got anywhere else to go anyway.
  • Suvillan: Really?
  • Corona: Yea, really.
  • Suvillan: In that case...

Suvillan: Solicit alliance.

  • Suvillan: Don't ever leave me.
  • Suvillan: Stay here with me forever.


  • Corona: ...
  • Corona: Um... 'kay.
  • Suvillan: Hey, a weak answer's no good! You need to think well about it.
  • Corona: There's not much thinking I can be doing, kid.
  • Suvillan: I want you to consider every possibility, and then give an honest answer.
  • Suvillan: I'm asking for your loyalty, and for you to dedicate every effort for me.
  • Suvillan: Of course, I'm going to reward you well for it!
  • Suvillan: Just wait and I'll show you, the kind of prince I can grow up to be...
  • Suvillan: But for that, I need to confirm your unwavering loyalty now.
  • Suvillan: I want you to only do something if it's for my sake.
  • Suvillan: And to never, never... never leave my side.
  • Suvillan: Do you understand...?
  • Corona: ...I do.
  • Corona: What else is there to consider when I got nothing to my name?
  • Corona: Man, even my name is something you gave me.
  • Corona: Don't see why I would leave you.
  • Suvillan: Then, you really can accept all of that?
  • Corona: Sure...
  • Corona: But I don't see why you'd desperately ask me this, either.
  • Corona: Young prince, look around you.

Suvillan: Look around the marshes.

  • Corona: In one day, you managed to get every monster on your side.
  • Corona: Not just the ones here, but everywhere else in this world.
  • Corona: You even got 'em to help each other in rebuilding this wreck.
  • Corona: Are they all really not enough for you? Or maybe...
  • Corona: Do you trust none of them?
  • Suvillan: Haha. These are the wrong questions to ask.
  • Suvillan: In my new position, I could never have enough followers.
  • Suvillan: But I'm also in a state where I can never trust anyone entirely.
  • Corona: Then... I'm the one you trust?
  • Suvillan: ...Not fully so.
  • Suvillan: But I do trust you much more than the others here!
  • Corona: Why, though?
  • Corona: What makes me any different from the monsters here?
  • Suvillan: For residents of this world, their interest lies in their ruler's wellbeing.
  • Suvillan: On the surface, that might seem to be something in my favor...
  • Suvillan: But it could not be further from that.
  • Suvillan: In reality, who sits at the throne hardly matters there.
  • Suvillan: A ruler embodies a world.
  • Suvillan: With a ruler in place, a world continues to exist in good conditions.
  • Suvillan: So for the people here, this world will continue to be habitable.
  • Suvillan: Life will return to its ruined land, so long as the throne is occupied...
  • Suvillan: ...But the ruler occupying it doesn't have to be me.
  • Corona: Umm... hmm.
  • Suvillan: Oh, it's fine if you don't really get what I'm saying!
  • Suvillan: But that part is what makes you different, Corona.
  • Suvillan: Unlike anyone else, you have a vested interest in me, and only me.
  • Suvillan: You obey me not because I am the prince, but because I'm Suvillan.
  • Corona: Oh... honestly, yeah?
  • Corona: Besides your wish, I don't care for much else.
  • Corona: So that's about right.
  • Suvillan: Yes! Thanks to this, you wouldn't choose anyone else...
  • Suvillan: And as long as you're by my side, we can accomplish anything together.
  • Suvillan: I need you to always remain with me, no matter what.
  • Corona: You really hate the idea of someone leaving you, huh.
  • Suvillan: ...More than anything, yes.
  • Suvillan: Disloyalty is the only thing I've never been able to forgive.

  • Suvillan: Good will alone is not enough to prove loyalty.
  • Suvillan: I need people with a vested interest in my wellbeing.
  • Suvillan: People whose wants and needs start and end with me.
  • Suvillan: These are ideally people who have nothing, so I can give them everything.
  • Suvillan: Such a person is easily the most dedicated, and most difficult to sway.
  • Corona: ...You're pretty sly, huh.
  • Corona: You've got a better grasp on this whole thing than I thought.
  • Suvillan: Haha! Should I take that as a compliment?
  • Corona: Ehh... probably not!
  • Corona: You're too young to be so conniving already, I'd think.
  • Corona: I'm glad you're not my enemy, for one thing.
  • Suvillan: Well, I'm certainly taking that as a compliment!
  • Suvillan: Under these circumstances, I have no better option than to act this way...
  • Suvillan: Wouldn't you say so?
  • Corona: Eh... I'm not here to judge nothin', really.
  • Corona: But I guess I'm no stranger to maturing under pressure, either.
  • Suvillan: Wonderful, you understand well.
  • Suvillan: Now, this sort of undying dedication is what my wish entails.
  • Suvillan: So Corona, think about it carefully.

Corona: Accept.

  • Corona: I mean... I thought about it.
  • Corona: My answer's not changing.
  • Suvillan: Really...?
  • Corona: Yep. I'm sticking around you.
  • Corona: You'll give me food and a bed, so it's cool.
  • Suvillan: Ah, such basic needs!
  • Suvillan: Of course I'm going to fulfill those!
  • Suvillan: It doesn't sound like you thought about it at all.
  • Corona: I can't think no more than I already have, blockhead.
  • Suvillan: Well then, you can ask for more than the basics!
  • Suvillan: Don't you want any benefits from your new position?
  • Corona: Weeeell...
  • Corona: Does helping you mean I get to rule over all these weaklings here?
  • Corona: Weaklings, who think they need anything more to acknowledge you.
  • Suvillan: Uhm... you certainly are going to have a position above all of them, yes?
  • Corona: Not what I'm asking. Listen, kid.
  • Corona: Your dumb monsters don't realize how capable you actually are.
  • Corona: And I don't like that.
  • Suvillan: Ah, well, I've never really shown people what I can do...
  • Corona: Then why don't you just show them who's boss for once?
  • Corona: Let 'em remember it forever, that'll get them in line!
  • Suvillan: Ahaha, no, no!
  • Suvillan: I'm not hurting anyone just for the sake of proving myself.
  • Corona: Egh. Figured you'd say that.
  • Corona: If you showed some nerve, they'd know where their place is.
  • Corona: But you're too afraid to rule with fear, I see.
  • Suvillan: Oh, that's not it.
  • Suvillan: I mean, if I'm to harm someone...
  • Suvillan: I'm afraid I can't be lenient about it.
  • Corona: Whoa.

  • Suvillan: I'd have to do it so severely that they cannot even think of revenge.
  • Suvillan: Otherwise, it only provides them motivation to enact treason later.
  • Corona: ...Whoa.
  • Suvillan: Sure, fear has its place.
  • Suvillan: For one, fear is necessary to keep the rebellious in place.
  • Suvillan: Punishment must instill enough fear to override thoughts of revenge.
  • Suvillan: But I just don't believe anyone deserves that kind of terrible harm... yet!
  • Suvillan: Terrorizing them with fear just after a war would simply scare them off!
  • Suvillan: Don't you think so?
  • Corona: Eh... uh. Maaaaybe...?
  • Suvillan: Fear has a better effect when it is used during the comfort of peace.
  • Suvillan: On the other hand, reward has its place as well.
  • Suvillan: Right now is a time of need, and I am providing everything they need...
  • Suvillan: I've shown them that there are rewards for following me.
  • Suvillan: As expected, my favor was returned... since they are now on my side.
  • Suvillan: For now, this is enough to win them over without resorting to fear.
  • Suvillan: Don't you think so too?
  • Corona: Auh, no, look! I don't care!
  • Corona: This is the exact dumb technical crap I don't wanna bother with!
  • Suvillan: Oh! Haha, oops!
  • Corona: I just don't like that the idiots you're helping were looking down on you.
  • Suvillan: It's okay! No need to concern yourself with it.
  • Suvillan: Figuring these matters out is my part of the rule here.

  • Corona: Fine, you can go be boring like that...
  • Corona: And let me show them who's boss. That's what I'm asking for.
  • Corona: 'Cause I'm not gonna let anyone look down on you if I have a say about it.
  • Suvillan: Uhm... I appreciate it, but... don't kill anyone?
  • Suvillan: Please, haha!
  • Suvillan: I barely just got them all on my side!
  • Corona: Oh, fine, whatever.
  • Corona: I guess corpses can't acknowledge who's boss...
  • Corona: And hearing them admit it can still be satisfying.
  • Corona: So no worries there, your highness.
  • Corona: I'll make 'em know their place while keeping them 100% alive!
  • Suvillan: Really, you're acting like a bully now...
  • Suvillan: But... thanks for having my back.
  • Suvillan: I believe I can maintain order using your brutal attitude just fine!

Corona: Notice.

  • Corona: Wait... yo, prince...
  • Corona: Isn't that your orange shirt boy over there?
  • Suvillan: What... where?
  • Corona: Down there. Look.

  • Suvillan: Oh, Solis?
  • Corona: Yea, orange shirt guy.
  • Corona: What's he in a hurry for.
  • Corona: He looks pathetic, stumbling like that.
  • Suvillan: There's someone with him...
  • Suvillan: Wait... are they coming up here?
  • Corona: Oh, hell no.
  • Corona: Not without permission they are.

Corona: Question strange redhead.

  • Corona: Not so fast, tiny thing!
  • Corona: Where do you think you're going?
  • Kotori: Um...
  • Kotori: I came here to meet the prince.
  • Corona: And who said you could just do that? Show some respect!
  • Corona: Not anyone can be walkin' up to the big boss so casually!
  • Kotori: The guy in the orange shirt said I can!
  • Corona: Dammit, orange shirt guy, why don'tcha show some respect either?
  • Solis: I-I have a name, you know!
  • Kotori: Orange shirt, you said I can meet the prince.
  • Solis: It's Solis, for god's sake...
  • Solis: I know I said that, but it's really fine if you don't!
  • Solis: I told you over and over, his highness said to help anyone injured...
  • Solis: You don't need to get permission or anything!
  • Kotori: But...
  • Suvillan: What's going on, Solis?
  • Solis: Oh, uh, your highness!
  • Solis: Sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt you at all!

Solis: Recall your work in the medical ward, along with how you met Kotori.

  • Solis: This is one of the wounded... she had some terrible injuries.
  • Solis: We've treated them well, so there's nothing to worry about!
  • Solis: But uh, as soon as she regained consciousness...
  • Solis: She's been apologizing for causing trouble to all of us.
  • Solis: And she said she wanted to apologize to you personally, of all people.
  • Suvillan: Oh... hm.
  • Solis: I was trying to calm her down, and...
  • Solis: Eventually, she asked about your highness.
  • Solis: When I mentioned that you're here, she took off saying she needs to see you.
  • Corona: So you let a poor widdle injured patient go out and about this easily?
  • Corona: Bloody hell, orange shirt.
  • Solis: I-I told her not to bother his highness, but she just ran off!
  • Solis: For an injured patient, she sure can run, ugh...
  • Corona: Can't even hold her down or somethin'?
  • Solis: W-what, of course not!
  • Solis: That'd be a horrible course of action, you idiot!
  • Corona: Damn, how shitty are you at your one single job here?
  • Corona: Kinda impressive that you're out of breath just from chasing a little runt.
  • Corona: Prince, you shouldn't waste your time on this orange shirt.
  • Corona: He looks so useless.
  • Solis: Whoa, who do you think you are to gatekeep his highness!?
  • Solis: And for the last time, I have a name, you-
  • Suvillan: Shhhh.
  • Suvillan: Quiet down.

Kotori: Speak to the prince.

  • Suvillan: ...You.
  • Suvillan: You wanted to speak to me?
  • Kotori: Yes!
  • Kotori: I came to apologize...
  • Kotori: And to request the prince's permission!
  • Suvillan: What for?
  • Kotori: Because the prince's people have graciously lent me many things.
  • Kotori: I've used their clothes, medicine, and bed...
  • Kotori: You are... the monster prince, right?
  • Kotori: So please accept my most sinc-

  • Kotori: Wah!
  • Solis: Y-your highness!?
  • Corona: Whoah.
  • Kotori: W-what do you think you're doing?
  • Suvillan: You're so short.
  • Kotori: Huh? Uh... I know that!
  • Suvillan: How young are you?
  • Kotori: I'm... I'm not young!
  • Kotori: I'm old!
  • Suvillan: Really?
  • Kotori: Really, really!
  • Suvillan: Well, how old are you?
  • Kotori: I'm...
  • Kotori: I'm older than the prince.
  • Suvillan: Heh. No way you are.
  • Kotori: I-It's true! I do not lie!
  • Suvillan: How many years old are you, then?
  • Kotori: ...Uhm... that is...
  • Kotori: Fourteen... five...
  • Kotori: And four... maybe?
  • Kotori: Um... maybe that... or maybe more...?
  • Suvillan: You don't know?
  • Kotori: ...No...
  • Kotori: I have tried to count each year.
  • Kotori: But no one remembered to record it with me.
  • Suvillan: ...

Suvillan: That's no way to treat a lady.

  • Suvillan: Well then, let's not worry about that.
  • Suvillan: What matters is that you're here, and you're safe.
  • Kotori: Hey, would you put me down already?
  • Kotori: I am not a child, don't treat me like one!
  • Suvillan: Certainly, certainly, please excuse my discourtesy.
  • Suvillan: I'm indeed Prince Suvillan Eious, the one you're looking for.
  • Suvillan: And you, what is your name?
  • Kotori: Kotori.
  • Suvillan: No no, your full name.
  • Kotori: Oh... I don't have a surname.
  • Kotori: I am just Kotori, so...

  • Kotori: Um.
  • Kotori: What... are you doing.
  • Suvillan: Nothing. Don't worry about it.
  • Suvillan: So what about your family, Kotori?
  • Kotori: I don't have one...
  • Suvillan: Really? Not a single relative?

Solis: What a pitiful state she was in.

  • Kotori: ...Not any who care.
  • Kotori: In the end, they all did not want me.
  • Kotori: So there is no family.
  • Suvillan: ...
Oh, jeez. Was she just abandoned, then?

Someone that meek was thrown out to fend for herself in the middle of war, no less. You fail to comprehend how anyone could commit such a heartless act.

Her sad state is starting to make some sense, at least.

When you discovered her, caretakers at the medical ward informed you of how she had deep wounds, plenty of which were infected. Due to her panicked state, she would not explain from where any of her injuries had come. Considering her state of mind, it did not seem like the right move to insistently inquire, either.

After some recovery, she began to respond to you a little.

And so adamantly did she seek out the new prince, as soon as she heard of him.

Suvillan: Break out of your awkward silence.
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1 year ago

How to speak to short people-

1 year ago

AHAHA how are you that small

1 year ago
Reply to  vika

In her defense, Suvillan is 6'4, so he's an absolute unit

1 year ago
Reply to  VB.Rainer

comment image

The only person who isn’t compared to her is Five.

1 year ago

what is boyfriend's canonical height>

1 year ago
Reply to  yanagi

Not known, but would it really be surprising if Boyfriend was taller than her?

1 year ago

Orange Shirt Guy & Suvillan: Help Kotori out the best you can, maybe giving her a useful role. She likely will have to rely more on the Prince, and you can have someone with the time, attitude, and potentially skill to do tasks you can’t get others to do, as well as proving her to those whom abandoned her. Also, why was Suvillan touching her horns, and why is this woman so short? Try to teach Corona Andromede a lesson in comrades and compassion.

1 year ago

Suvillan: Break out of your awkward silence.

Orange Shirt Guy: If you're going to be working with these two, they should at least know your name. Offer introductions.

Corona: Make a joke at this "Solis" guy's expense, his reactions are funny.

Suvillan: Give Orange Sh- sorry, Solis, a new task. Mainly in regards to Kotori.

And of course some of my previous prompts where they're applicable.

Pun Lord
Pun Lord
1 year ago

Kotori: be quick and ask what you can do in the shortest amount of time possible so you can become a bigger person in this world.

1 year ago

The second shortest adult character in Oceanfalls, y'all

1 year ago
Reply to  Urimma


1 year ago

Number one actually, Five isn't an adult

1 year ago
Reply to  VB.Rainer

but boyfriend is>

2 months ago

suvillan eious

his name is "so villainous"