09 Apr 2022

Mei: Something seems off with Nino.

Meimona: Look over where?

  • Meimona: Woah!
  • Nino: See, now this looks concern-worthy.
  • Aria: Oh, hey guys! You're back!
  • Five: Hello, Nino! Hello, Meimona!
  • Five: And hello, kitty!
  • Reed: ...Nino...
  • Meimona: Umm, what the heck is going on over here...?
  • Meimona: Reed looks so out of it!
  • Aria: What do you mean? We're just shopping!
  • Aria: Or more like, we were going to do that, until you showed up.
  • Meimona: S-shopping? Right now?
  • Five: Yes! Shopping!
  • Aria: Well, Nino disappeared for a while.
  • Aria: So instead of waiting around doing nothing...
  • Aria: We decided to look around the place!
  • Aria: Do you guys want to join in?
  • Meimona: Oh, Nino and I have already done our COOL tour of the island, heheh.
  • Nino: So now it's their turn, huh?
  • Reed: Nino. No. It's not.
  • Reed: Stop. Listen.
  • Reed: This is a hostage situation.
  • Nino: What?
  • Reed: They're trying to kill me.
  • Aria: Oh, stop exaggerating, Reed.
  • Reed: Nino.
  • Reed: This woman is ruthless.
  • Aria: I-I'm not!
  • Nino: Haha, what!
  • Nino: What exactly did Aria do?
  • Reed: I mean, look.
  • Reed: She made me interact with the strangers here.
  • Reed: And now she wants to go buy things.
  • Reed: What the hell did I do to deserve that.
  • Aria: I just thought it would be nice if you loosened up a little...
  • Reed: You hear that? Pure evil.
  • Aria: I'm not evil, augh!
  • Nino: Oh, you really were just overexaggerating.
  • Reed: God dammit, man. You were my last hope.
  • Reed: Does nobody get me here?
  • Reed: I need to hit something to let this stress out.
  • Meimona: What's the big deal, dummy?
  • Meimona: You really hate talking to people that much!?
  • Reed: It's going to be you if you don't shove it.
  • Meimona: W-woah, calm down!
  • Nino: Yeah, hey!
  • Nino: No need to be so restless anymore, because...

Nino: Present room key.

Party: Get a move on.

As the penguin staff kindly show you the way in, you realize just how many people, and... animal things, are following you. Oh jeez, if your mere steps can lead this many at once, then you'd better not tread around thoughtlessly.

Thank god this hotel has no policy against pets!

The room booked under your name is called the Soul Room, according to the staff. Since this room is usually reserved for VIP guests, its interior should reflect that status.

It seems that Kaji's connections are what allow you to use such a special place... and it looks like you're technically his neighbors now!

Party: Enter your... home?

Home sweet home... for now.

  • Aria: Oh my, what a nice room!
  • Aria: Look, there's even a little kitchen here...!
  • Reed: Mm.
  • Reed: This place will do.
  • Nino: Gee, such high praise.
  • Meimona: Hm. Hmmm.
  • Meimona: Guys. I smell apples.
  • Meimona: And several other nice fruits...
  • Reed: Uh, what...?
  • Meimona: Something's afoot, I say!
  • Reed: ???
  • Nino: Hey, what's that on the table?

Nino: Discover the source of fruit-smell.

It seems that the staff have left something for you all.

Mr. Kaji asked penguins to accommodate five individuals.
However, room has only four beds, not five.
So penguins leave gift to apologize for inconvenience.
Clients have little child, so gift is good for little child.
Penguins hope you enjoy the stay.

Call for room service if need, anytime!

Aw, how sweet of those little guys.
It looks like their well-picked gift has already taken it's intended effect, too!

This should be fine, the room's furnishings seem accommodating, and the couches here may be sufficient enough to use as an extra bed.

Either way, considering that you're getting all of this for free from these kind penguins (and Kaji)...

You have no complaints to speak of, whatsoever!

Party: Relax.

Without hesitation, your travel companions scatter to find their natural resting positions, each person busying themselves with what most interests them.

As for you, you're just gonna... sit down for a sec on the nearest spot.

Boy, what a long day this was.

Aria: Make a mental note to bake muffins for everyone the first chance you get.

That's a good idea! Everybody must be in need of some energizing food.
And, since the only thing you gave Nino during your first meeting was muffins...

Perhaps doing this would help recover his memories somehow.

However, all baking activities will have to wait a little more for now!
There's something else you've got to figure out first.

Aria: Then, what exactly is your plan from here on out?

Ah, well, yes! Yes, that's what you wanted to figure out before muffin-time.
It's not like you know this world well enough to decide anything for sure, but...
You've had a clear plan crafted for you already.

The way things were, you'd have directly gone with Reed to wherever 'Headquarters' is, as he had planned. And of course, Five would've accompanied you too, but with the way things are...

Surely, a wrench has been squarely lodged into everyone's plans here.

For now, this chance to rest is also a chance to figure everything out again.

  • Aria: Hey, Reed, what are you going to do next?
  • Aria: Wasn't your destination, in, umm...
  • Aria: You called it the capital, I believe?
  • Reed: Yes, in the north.
  • Reed: That's where we should have gone right away.
  • Reed: But... you heard what the pirate said, right?
  • Reed: The ports are closed for two days.
  • Reed: And it's not like I can just get a ship for us, or anything.
  • Aria: Well, I think Mr. Kaji might agree to help us out!
  • Aria: Maybe he'd be kind enough to sail us to the capital.
  • Reed: Maybe. It sounded like Nino got on his good side.
  • Reed: But I'm sure that'll only be when he's allowed to open the ports again.
  • Reed: So, again, means we have no choice but to spend those two days here first,
  • Reed: Until we're able to cleanly and legally hitch a ride out.
  • Aria: Ah... I see.
  • Aria: Hehe, you really don't want any issues with the law again, huh?
  • Reed: Of course not!
  • Reed: Just this once with all of these buffoons was more than enough...
  • Aria: Don't be so harsh...
  • Aria: And, I think it's alright to wait. This place is wonderful!
  • Aria: Nobody would mind spending a few days here...
  • Aria: I certainly don't, for sure!
  • Reed: Yeah. It seems well-equipped enough.
  • Reed: Uh... actually, Aria.
  • Reed: There's something I wanna say.
  • Aria: What is it?
  • Reed: Uh, I should've said this much earlier, but...

Reed: I apologize in advance, but can we get a Reed on your plan from here on out?

For once, Reed chooses to let the pun slip.
Just this once, though.

Since this is a rather important topic.

  • Reed: You know...
  • Reed: Whenever we recovered any humans from the monster world, we'd follow it up by making sure that they can find a good residence in the capital, and that they can get a good chance to integrate well into the community.
  • Reed: And these are... just some necessary basics.
  • Reed: So, I'm saying...
  • Reed: Of course I wasn't just going to plop you right into this world and fuck off.
  • Reed: No way, not when you have nothing here.
  • Reed: So, we'd make sure to give you something to start off with.
  • Aria: Oh...
  • Reed: And, I... would've done that stuff once we'd reached the capital.
  • Reed: It's what I still intended to do, as standard protocol.
  • Reed: But, uh...
  • Reed: Not if you don't want any of it by now.
  • Reed: So if you're good on your own, then... just do whatever you want.
  • Reed: Enjoy the freedom of being human with humans, or something, I don't know.
  • Reed: I'll just be here until the first chance I get to head for the capital.
  • Reed: You don't need to force yourself to go with my killjoy pace, so...
  • Aria: Ah, hold on, Reed!
  • Aria: When you say "we"...
  • Aria: Do you mean Headquarters, too?
  • Reed: Oh. Uh...
  • Reed: Yeah.
  • Aria: Actually, I'd really like to meet them, then!
  • Aria: I honestly have to give my sincere thanks for everything you guys did.
  • Aria: So, well...
  • Aria: Once I do that, I won't trouble you with much else at all.
  • Aria: I'll just find my own way in the capital afterwards!
  • Reed: ...
  • Aria: So is that okay?
  • Reed: ...Sure, but...
  • Reed: Don't get any nonsense ideas about being indebted to me, or whatever.
  • Reed: I don't need anything from you, Aria.
  • Aria: ...Oh.
  • Reed: ...I meant that in a good way, alright.
  • Reed: Just do whatever you want.
  • Aria: Yeah, no need to repeat that...!
  • Aria: But, thank you very much for everything, Reed.
  • Reed: I... hey, what did I just say.
  • Aria: I-It's not about feeling indebted!
  • Aria: I just feel very grateful to be here right now...
  • Reed: Save the thanks for things that actually matter.
  • Aria: Huh? How could this not matter?
  • Aria: Even though you're not so nice with your words...
  • Aria: I still wouldn't want to underrate the goodness you've done, after all.
  • Reed: Ok, then, listen. New rule.
  • Reed: There's no need for thanks, either.
  • Reed: I'm just doing what I would've done for any human there.
  • Reed: So don't say that again. Got it?
  • Aria: Uah, fine...!
  • Aria: I get it, I guess...
Nothing means more to you than being given this much help, though!
But you have a feeling that if you insist on giving him a kind response, he'd only complain more and more.

What a confusing person he is!

Maybe Reed's just allergic to your kind of personality. Hopefully, you're not too overbearing... though you truly don't enjoy being anything less than genuine.

Reed: Check in on your messages. You're sure a certain someone must be dying to get an update.

  • Reed: Augh, god, speaking of 'Headquarters'...
  • Reed: I need to make a report that I'm not coming back right away.
  • Reed: Nnnnnnngh.
  • Aria: Oh my, would they be unhappy to hear that?
  • Reed: "Unhappy" is putting things lightly.
  • Reed: I'll probably get yelled at.
  • Aria: W-whoa, what...
  • Aria: Hold on, what sort of person could yell at YOU of all people!?
  • Reed: Uh. Go stick your nose in someone else's business.
  • Reed: Let me make my call in peace.
  • Aria: Aah... but how could I not be curious here?
  • Aria: Really, you act like you're this person's underling, or something...
  • Reed: What?
  • Aria: I-I mean, it's just how this seems to me!
  • Aria: Sorry...!
  • Reed: ...Well, actually.
  • Reed: Maybe you're not too far off.
  • Aria: I'm not!?
  • Reed: But that's enough about that.
  • Reed: Look, since you've decided what you'll do with yourself,
  • Reed: What about your tag-along?
  • Aria: Huh...?
  • Aria: Oh, you mean Five!
  • Reed: Yeah.
  • Aria: I wanted to help her find her old friends, but...
  • Aria: ...Wait...
  • Aria: Five..?
  • Aria: Where did she go?
  • Aria: She was right here just a moment ago!
  • Reed: Over there.
  • Reed: By the table.

Five: Go see Nino, you've waited long enough!

Oh, she was just with Nino!
Thank god, that's so nice WAIT NO.

You might want to tell Five the truth about Nino forgetting you two. She'll be heartbroken either way, but it'd be 10 times worse if Nino directly admitted to her he doesn't remember her. There won't be a good time, but now, at the very least, isn't the worst time.



FIVE... OH NO...



  • Five: But Nino promised!
  • Five: Nino said... Nino will help Five... find friend!
  • Five: Aria said so, too... and Aria helped!
  • Five: Now Nino... is breaking a promise?
  • Nino: ...No.
  • Nino: I just don't remember.
  • Five: But, why not?
  • Five: If Nino will not remember Five...
  • Five: Then did Five do something wrong to Nino?
  • Nino: Maybe?
  • Nino: I wouldn't know if you did.
  • Five: Wah, r-really...?

  • Aria: No, no, Five! You're okay!
  • Aria: You did nothing wrong to anyone!
  • Five: But...
  • Aria: It's all okay, Five...
  • Aria: Nino, can't you be a little nicer?
  • Nino: What, you want me to just lie, then?
  • Aria: Not that... but she's just a kid.
  • Aria: Please be more careful with what you say.
  • Nino: I heard nothing about these details until now, you know.
  • Five: Nino...
  • Aria: It'll be alright, Five.
  • Aria: We can't blame Nino for forgetting us, if it's something he can't control.
  • Five: So Nino... also forget Aria, too?
  • Aria: ...Yeah, but...
  • Aria: Maybe he will remember us with time!
  • Aria: So don't be sad, alright?
  • Five: ...Really?
  • Five: Will Nino really remember?
  • Nino: ...

  • Nino: Who knows.
  • Aria: Let's not be so pessimistic...
  • Aria: Really, can't you say something nicer in response?
  • Nino: Ugh, again with this...
  • Aria: The least you could do is be a bit more reassuring to Five.
  • Nino: What, you guys are allowed to question me all you want, but I'm not allowed to be uncomfortable with it?
  • Five: ...
  • Meimona: Heeey, Aria has a fair point!
  • Meimona: Even I think you should have more delicacy, mister.
  • Meimona: You're talking to a kid here!
  • Nino: Yeah, yeah, whatever.
  • Nino: What would you know, anyway.
  • Meimona: Weeeell, I had a lil' baby sister at home, sooo...
  • Meimona: A fair bit more than you do, I'd wager!
  • Nino: Meh.
  • Five: ...Nino, Mei, Aria...
  • Five: Don't fight!
  • Five: You're all being bad!
  • Five: Behave, or Five will put you in time-out.
  • Nino: W-what.
  • Aria: ...Aww.
  • Aria: I wonder if she's mimicking an adult.
  • Meimona: Oh ho! You heard her, guys!
  • Meimona: I agree with the young miss, so let's all be positive here.
  • Meimona: Nino, maybe talking about this stuff can jog your memories!
  • Nino: Uh... maybe.
  • Nino: I don't really know.
  • Meimona: Come on, be positive, I said!
  • Meimona: Let's put it to the test, shall we?

  • Meimona: Talk to me, Five!
  • Meimona: Tell me, how did you come to meet these two here?
  • Five: Umm...
  • Five: Five met Nino first.
  • Five: And Nino... took Five to Aria!
  • Aria: Ah, that's right.
  • Aria: That was in the monster world.
  • Aria: But... I don't really know how Nino found her!
  • Aria: ...And it's not like he remembers.
  • Nino: ...
  • Meimona: B-but Five knows, so it's okay, right?
  • Five: Oh... yes!
  • Five: Five remembers very well!
  • Meimona: Great! Five to the rescue!
  • Meimona: Tell us! Don't let these two start bickering again...
  • Five: Five remembers...
  • Five: Five... was hurt.
  • Five: Was very hurt... and scared.
  • Five: Everything, so dark.
  • Five: Five... feeling a lot of pain.

  • Five: But, Nino...
  • Five: Five saw Nino, and there was light.
  • Five: And Nino... healed Five!
  • Five: Then, Nino promised to take Five home!
  • Nino: I... healed you?
  • Five: Yes!
  • Nino: Whoa, really?
  • Nino: I guess that would be within my capabilities.
  • Meimona: You've got an interesting ability, huh!
  • Five: Maybe, even if Nino forgot Five and Aria...
  • Five: Nino still isn't bad.
  • Five: So... everyone, don't be mean to Nino!
  • Aria: Oh, I-I wasn't trying to be...
  • Meimona: Wah! I didn't think I was mean, but...!
  • Nino: Hahah!
  • Nino: Look how the tables have turned, you bullies!
  • Nino: Um... Five, you'd root for me, even though I forgot my promise?
  • Five: Yes!!!
  • Five: Because...
  • Five: Nino is Nino, even if Nino forgets.
  • Five: A good person, stay always a good person.
  • Five: So, it's okay!
  • Nino: Heh, really...?
  • Nino: You're a good kid.
  • Meimona: Hold on, I don't really get all this, though.
  • Meimona: I mean, she's just a little kiddo.

Five: Ask why Five being a monster is an issue.
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2 years ago

Aria: No better time than to start explaining your abilities! Again, probably.

Reed: So, how's "Headquarters" over there?

2 years ago

Five: eat the crayons

2 years ago
Reply to  enzo

No Five don't those aren't nontoxic

2 years ago

Aria: 1) Tell Five how proud you are of her for that surprisingly mature response, 2) make sure a "do not disturb" sign is on the door, and 3) dispel Five's disguise.

Mei: Have a minor freakout... ok, maybe minor isn't a good way to describe it. Major would be more fitting.

Five: Ask why Five being a monster is an issue in the first place.

Reed: You should probably think about stepping in.

Nino: Take verbal shots at Mei for her being a perceived dummy.


Aria: Wait wait wait... NINO REMEMBERS FIVE'S A MONSTER?!

Mei: Wait wait wait... NINO KNEW FIVE'S A MONSTER?!

Reed: Okay, time to step in.

2 years ago
Reply to  VB.Rainer

Nino: Not bad, not bad. So how and when did you figure it out?

2 years ago
Reply to  VB.Rainer

Came up with a few more.

Five: Hey! Nino remembered something! Admittedly, it's one relatively minor detail about Five's identity, but it's gotta count for something!

Mei and Nino: The Celestial painting thing outside... did it... change, from the first time you saw it?

Boyfriend and Ludwig: Are you two getting along alright?

Reed: So, how's the convo with "headquarters"?

"Headquarters": Be annoying, as per usual.

Reed: Mediate. Calm things down if they get too heated. Handle the issues one at a time.

Everyone: Try to chill out.

Nino: Think about what you just said about Five. Did you remember she's a monster, or did you know beforehand? And no matter which, did you ever even realize you knew/remembered?

Nino and Mei: Regardless, how do you feel about this new development?

And just in case.

Aria: It's muffin (and tea) time!

2 years ago

"Soul Room" well that's an ominous name for a hotel room isn't it? Also, is that what that flame symbol represents? The soul? Back in https://oceanfalls.net/p/1319 it's explained that the abilities come from the soul (Also, a detail I forgot is that according to Aria back then is that abilities come from a moment in someone's life where the person feels something strongly, which definitely could have ties to Nino most likely having been a child soldier at some point). I don't really have much of a conclusion or theory here. Just a bit of rambling (there's more but I couldn't fit it in one post).

2 years ago
Reply to  Taki

I then started wondering what Nino's powers are. https://oceanfalls.net/p/1030 Back here it says Healing Hands (Oh hey one of the portraits in the Soul Room is of a hand), (what's the "???? 0 left" for one thing), but it seems like Nino uses """Healing Hands""" in {S} Shatter for a speed boost (Notably there seems to be something going on around the feet). Is Nino's actual power some form of boosting the body, like boosting the bodies ability to heal itself, or strengthening muscles in the legs for increased run speed? In which case, what scenario would bring about strong emotions that would cause an ability like that? I'd imagine being able to heal or strengthen people is something that could be felt rather strongly by someone in the middle of combat in a war.
Then again, who'd send some kid without abilities off to a warzone?

2 years ago
Reply to  Taki

Probably someone who’d need everyone fighting for victory, especially if each and every individual on both sides has something which could turn the tides.

2 years ago
Reply to  Taki

Now that I think about it if Nino can actually bolster people's physical capabilities, how would that work with Lune's ability "Mirror"? The narration refers to it as "mirroring" and as mentioned in this page by Aria https://oceanfalls.net/p/1319 "Because mirrors show reality" and I'm inclined to trust an illusionist's judgements on what's actually real. So are the "copies" as I'll call them always perfectly matching Lune? So if Lune was hurt, like sliced shoulders, burned legs, ect, would that be applied to all the copies, since the copies are the result of "mirroring" and "mirrors show reality"? But even then if Nino's actual power involves bolstering some aspect of someone's body, would that count as at the time apart of someone's "real self"? Or is it more like an external power and thus not counted? Like how Aria's illusions aren't apart of someone's "real self" but are more like a disguising aura?

2 years ago
Reply to  Taki

As seen by Nino healing five, Nino’s ability are completely “real”, so if Lune is completely affected by anything through all bodies, then that’s what will happen. Unfortunately, we have no idea how Lune’s mirror works in tandem with other abilities, so there’s no nailing the specifics, but we do know that she’s affected by a weird cyst-growth thing on her arms likely related to her ability. If all bodies are affected by it, than maybe we could get a more concrete answer on how mirror works, but until then nothing. Even then, there’s no complete knowledge in how resonance works. Nino’s ability is likely healing, but even if it’s buffing, it’s still real due to being life type and not illusory type. https://oceanfalls.fandom.com/wiki/Healing_Hands

2 years ago

"cyst-growth" I didn't find any when looking at the panels in the intermission, can you send the page over?

(This next bit of the reply that whoever is currently reading is reading is not related to the above reply), while looking back at the intermissions I noticed that here: https://oceanfalls.net/p/7699 below "> Lune: What a chat." in the line "With words alone", "words" was green. So I right clicked and hit inspect when selecting "words", and apparently it's "words", why is Nino tied to words? I checked the DIPLOMACY back in https://oceanfalls.net/p/2748 and it's just "DIPLOMACY", so Nino for some reason in was tied to words, yet DIPLOMACY wasn't tied to Nino. But the context of where why and when "words" is being used must be important, since there are times in the webcomic where "words" isn't being tied to Nino. I have no idea what this means.

2 years ago
Reply to  Taki


More like cracks actually but still, ask and you shall receive.

2 years ago

Thats pretty cool B)

2 years ago

Nino: Eat the crayons

Pun Lord
Pun Lord
2 years ago

Ludwig: Reminisce on the portrait of Ludwig capturing only a ghost of your goodness. Also shadily sneak and listen to the peoples.

Pun Lord
Pun Lord
2 years ago
Reply to  Nights

All part of the territory, the real gift is you and Oceanfalls™

2 years ago

Reed is having introvert problems

2 years ago

so uh
anyone else notice that the celestial painting has an eye now and is staring directly at the party--

2 years ago
Reply to  pumpkin


2 years ago
Reply to  pumpkin

Huh! I didn't notice that. good *eye*.

2 years ago

Mei: Discard older theories about Nino and make new ones. Maybe mention a few of the old ones to embarrass him.

2 years ago

Five: Eat the colourful&scented wax candy.

2 years ago

Meimona: Nino somehow knew Five was a monster without being told... He remembered a thing!!!