20 Nov 2021

[I] Lune: Wake up, sleepyhead! A real-life PRINCE is talking to you!

  • Lune: ...?
  • Ruit: Hey.
  • Ruit: Are you still dozed off?
  • Ruit: Are you even able to hear me right now...?
  • Lune: Ah.
  • Lune: I can, I can. My apologies.

You have just returned from Icicle Bay, and you are very much awake, actually...
Because you weren't even asleep in the first place!

Therefore, there's no such case of valid sleepyheadness accusations here.

Still, does his highness not understand that falling asleep would be an extremely rude thing to dare do in his presence?


  • Ruit: I do not appreciate being forced to watch over your sleeping face.
  • Lune: Mm.
  • Lune: It isn't sleeping.
  • Ruit: So you say, but here you are, acting as if you have just woken up!
  • Ruit: Again, might I add!
  • Lune: That's only a side effect.
  • Lune: If this body must stay immobile for the duration,
  • Lune: Then it's natural that I'd stretch a bit when its consciousness returns, yes?
  • Ruit: Yes... which is not unlike regular sleep.
  • Ruit: And, you just immediately dozed off without saying a thing...
  • Lune: Well, you wanted me to check on Icicle Bay's affairs.
  • Ruit: Yes, I am aware.
  • Ruit: But at the very least, warn me before heading off!
  • Lune: Hmm? I thought I did.
  • Ruit: Lune.
  • Ruit: Loudly exclaiming "yessir" seconds before voluntarily passing out is not an adequate warning.
  • Lune: Oh.
  • Lune: That seemed enough to me.
  • Ruit: No, you cannot just...!
  • Ruit: ...Ah, whatever. You will not understand, either way.
  • Lune: If it's an inconvenience to your highness, then I shall mind myself better.
  • Ruit: What? No, no, not at all!
  • Ruit: Perish the thought that you could ever be a bother.
  • Ruit: All I want you to understand, Lune, is that it is quite alarming for me.
  • Lune: I shall properly warn you next time, then.
  • Ruit: Good! That is all I wanted.
  • Ruit: Although, you said the same last time...
  • Ruit: At least you do know not to do it somewhere unsafe, I suppose.

Lune: No better time than now to get formally introduced.

It's back to business at the royal office, then.

Your name is Lune Umbra.

You are the head of humankind's royal guards, and the closet personal guard of his highness, Prince Ruit, who presently sits before you.

Due to your position in the military, you are often addressed by your title as "Captain Lune", or simply, "Commander". However, the prince needs no such formalities when he's with you. You're just "Lune" to his highness.

Which is perfectly fine.

Though your job has you standing by the side of humanity's beloved ruler most of the day, stepping "out" as demonstrated earlier is not an uncommon occurrence. You're able to handle different tasks by yourself, even if they're located miles apart, and in some specific cases, you're able to do these tasks simultaneously if you desire.

That is all thanks to Mirror, your unique ability.


Though such an ability may seem extremely handy to the average person, you must always play by its rules to make any real use of it. Learning to do so is in no way an easy task. But as things stand, you have achieved perfect mastery of mirroring, enough to reach the stable state of Resonance at a relatively young age.

Your body is completely in-tune with the ability manifested by your soul.

Presently, you exist in this harmonic state, which only a select few people are capable of reaching in their lifetimes. However, you owe this success largely to an unsparing upbringing, rather than your own will.

Over time, Mirror earned you an odd nickname among your soldiers, and on battlefields. Somehow, you've become known as "The Army of One" within various circles.

Really... those hard-working soldiers can be rather unimaginative.

Now then, the prince seems quite impatient. He's been waiting on an important report of yours for a while, after all. But you see, this will not be an ordinary report.

The nature of the report you give depends on how he's going to inquire about it.

Lune: Present that report.

Lune: What's the deal with these mind games?

Oh, dear you.
To call your conversations a mind game seems harsh, since you'd never intend harm to his highness in a million years. But... it is a bit like a puzzle, so to speak.
You must weave traps in everything you say, to draw out certain desirable results.

His highness tends not to speak too honestly, you see.

Unless your talks are done in this manner, he's never going to say what he really means.
And what he really means is almost always something that should be stated, in your humble opinion.



  • Ruit: Behold, fool!
  • Lune: !

Ruit: Proceed with ENLIGHTENMENT.>

  • Ruit: This grand Tome is the one and only,
  • Ruit: The most unrivalled guide to embracing proper,
  • Ruit: Elegant,
  • Ruit: Marketable,
  • Ruit: And, most importantly,
  • Ruit: Certifiably cool methods of self-conduct!
[I] Lune: Witness TRUE COOLNESS.
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Lay's Chips
Lay's Chips
2 years ago

I've only officially known them for a few seconds, and I'm lovin the very familiar energy between Ruit and Lune

2 years ago

I love how they went from speaking in riddles to roasting each other professionally

1 year ago

ruit what