12 Jan 2021


  • Meimona: H-how did he... oh no.
  • Nino: Oh no.
  • Meimona: Oh, NO.
  • Nino: Mei, do SOMETHING.
  • Meimona: W-what do you want me to do?
  • Nino: I dunno, anything!
  • Nino: LUCK us out again, huh?!
  • Meimona: I'm, umm...
  • Meimona: I have... no ideas! Sorry!
  • Nino: Dammit, Mei...
  • Meimona: YOU do something now! It can't always be me!
  • Kaji: HEY!
Kaji: Jump down to subdue the criminal scum.

  • Kaji: Silence, criminal SCUM!
  • Kaji: Goddamn, I got the worst hangover in me life, but y'all're STILL goin' down.
  • Meimona: H-hey! How did you GET here so fast!?
  • Kaji: Oh, yer curious, huh? Ya really wanna know?
  • Kaji: Well, TOO bad for ya, that's a trade secret!
  • Kaji: I'm ENDIN' this stupid chase right the FUCK here, no formalities needed.
  • Kaji: Yer under arrest, as soon as I...
  • Kaji: uh...
Meimona: Make joke at Kaji's expense.

  • Kaji: As soon as I get down 'ere.
  • Kaji: Hold on.
  • Kaji: ...
  • Kaji: Don't wanna land on me delicate ankles and hurt 'em.
  • Meimona: Hahah, seriously?
  • Meimona: How sad is it that you're stuck climbing ladders as always!
  • Kaji: S-SHUT UP!
  • Meimona: What a depressing flightless sight!
  • Nino: Mei... is this really the time to be taking verbal shots at him.
  • Meimona: Nino, it is always the time for taking verbal shots at him.
Nino: ...Don't you have a sword and an ability along with an asset which can help you defeat this guy?

Yeah, right, who needs to run away anymore? Kaji may seem resourceful, but you're no pushover yourself. You're confident that if you stay calm and make use of what's around you, you can win this!

He's got another thing coming if he thinks this will be an easy arrest.

  • Kaji: Don't ya move from there, I just need a minute here.
  • Kaji: Wait patiently for yer arrestin’.
  • Nino: Who the HELL would just stand and wait for you?
  • Nino: Look, I've got a SHARP, STABBY sword, and I'm NOT afraid to use it!
  • Meimona: Woah, that's quite the turnaround.
  • Nino: And uh... Mei!
  • Nino: Mei has things!
  • Meimona: They're called claws.
  • Nino: Yes, yes, that.
  • Nino: God, I can't believe I was right about you after all.
  • Meimona: ...Who? Me?
...And in your humble opinion, it appears that you've been wronged. Someone who was acting all high and mighty earlier needs to apologize to someone here.

Nino: Proceed to screw things up because of your pride.

  • Nino: Yeah, you.
  • Nino: I was right that you SHOULD have SOME kind of future plan the next time you do anything.
  • Meimona: Wait... huh.
  • Meimona: Are you... serious? You're still hung up on that?
  • Nino: I've been put in this situation all thanks to you.
  • Meimona: You really DO overthink everything, huh.
  • Meimona: WOE is you, Nino. Clearly, everything bad is happening only to you, HUH!
Mountain: Crack.

  • Nino: Hey, dragging yourself right along into it doesn’t change what I said.
  • Nino: Now if you had JUST let me take my time to think up something first,
  • Nino: Then we wouldn't be here, would we?
  • Meimona: ...THIS is what's important to you of all things right now?
Kaji: Kids these days... suddenly, it's as if you're not even here!

  • Kaji: Both of y'all SHUT UP, I say, SHUT UP.
  • Meimona: No, YOU shut up, BOTH of you!
  • Meimona: Seriously, Nino, you're blaming me again?
  • Nino: Yes! I mean, if it wasn’t for YOU-
  • Meimona: Well then, if I’m SOOO unreliable in your eyes-
Kaji: They're NOT allowed to ignore your clearly very intimidating presence and oh hey what's that up there.

  • Meimona: -then why is asking ME for help the first thing you think of doing?!
  • Nino: -then WE wouldn't be in this situation!
Rocks: Break.

  • Kaji: ...
  • Meimona: Oh, really, AS IF it’s that simple!
  • Nino: YES, it IS!
  • Meimona: So you’d prefer that I did NOTHING,
  • Meimona: And just left us to get caught right at the bay!
Nino: Maybe you're being a little too harsh on her, and not enough on yourself?

Hey, you’re just giving her a very necessary, tiny piece of your mind. Considering the way things turned out, she really should just admit that you were right all along.

Don't ask why that needs to happen, it just does.

Obviously, you weren't going to let Mei have the last word in, because obviously, no one should have the last word in - and that's regardless of the situation.

However, an uninvited voice cut your talk short.

Nino: Had you been quieter, you would've noticed its arrival.

    Aria: Nino!?
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3 years ago

Universe: ruin everything and get Nino far away from happiness.

Alex "Big Cheese"
Alex "Big Cheese"
3 years ago
Reply to  annonymous


3 years ago


3 years ago

Nino:Reassess the situation to see if Kaji has any allies, check out that mysterious voice who called out your name, check if they or other assorted people can be a possible threat, get to a place of shelter in case the ship has any ways to harm you, get to a library for knowledge on certain situations such as boats, vehicles, creatures, and most importantly the humans, monsters, winged, and other sentients for safety and knowledge, considering how random your life is being an amnesiac meeting up with a thief and having a random woman call out your name like in a book you should realize how weird your life is and think on that, and don't forget to attain some better stats and equipment in case some random weirdness decides to make your life even more adventure book-like.

3 years ago

kaji: Panic and ask the people up there to name themselves, along with any records, hobbies, and other red-tape stuff

3 years ago

Kaji: Oh great, MORE criminal scum to arrest. Do you even have enough handcuffs for all of them? Guess they'll have to share.

Lay's Chips
Lay's Chips
3 years ago

Best girl has finally returned to the party!

3 years ago

Kaji: Command the newcomer to state their buisness

3 years ago

Nino: Reassess and for the love of god don't go insane

Blade Artist
Blade Artist
3 years ago

Reed: Assert Bureaucratic Dominence

3 years ago

Where exactly do you get the commands night?

3 years ago

Nino: Stay on guard! Kaji and his crew are still behind you.