13 Nov 2017


  • Nino: Aria?
  • Nino: Aria, come on!

She's... She's not responding at all.
This is probably really, really terrible for her.

  • Nino: Aria, listen to me.
  • Nino: Kotori attacked you!! She betrayed you!
  • Nino: That's why there's no way you can trust her anymore.
  • Nino: You can't just sit here and do nothing.
  • Nino: We'll all be in danger if we don't run away now.

  • Nino: So please, let's go.

Kotori: Reevaluate your plan.


This is what you get for trying to stand up against destiny.

Nothing left to do now other than observing this story unfold.

  • ???: So.

  • ???: Just so we're clear.
  • ???: Once we hit the fork, you go, and I turn back.
  • ???: Sure, sure.

  • ???: You execute whatever plan you have, and I'll, uh.
  • ???: I'll be... doing more planning, yes.
  • ???: Mmmmmmmmmmhm.
  • ???: And this is tooooootally not because you just don't want to see your ex.
  • ???: I-- It's NOT!
  • ???: This is TACTICAL PLANNING!
  • ???: It is just to ensure success in one go!!
  • ???: Of cooourse, it's not like you have the most terrifying person in the world as an ex, how could I have been so blind!
  • ???: Hey Tori's not scary!
  • ???: She's just.
  • ???: Extreme.
  • ???: ...Toooo the point where you can't even look her in the face?
  • ???: Shut up.

???: Turn dramatically and reveal your face.

  • ???: But seriously Solis, if it were me who dated Kotori, I'd be so proud of it
  • ???: I'd be all like-- "that merciless agent? she used to be my wife"
  • Solis: Ugh.
  • Solis: Trust me, you wouldn't be like that.
  • ???: Nah I would, you're just a puuuuuuussy.
  • ???: Nothing comparable to me that's for sure!
  • Solis: Shut up.
  • ???: All out of rebuttals again I see!
  • ???: Dating Kotori is the kind of thing you'd wear on your shoulders with pride, Soli!
  • Solis: God.
  • Solis: I can't wait to reach the fork so you can fuck off already.
  • ???: Ahaha, so touchy!
  • ???: Your breakup beats every sitcom movie I've seen in this year alone.
  • ???: You should be proud of yourself!
  • Solis: Gee, thanks.
  • ???: If you weren't gonna go anyway, why did you even come this far?
  • ???: I gotta do eeeeverything around here, don't I?
  • Solis: Uh.
  • Solis: Corona, did you seriously forget that YOU asked me to show you where to go??
  • Corona: Oh.
  • Corona: Riiiiiight!
  • Corona: Ahaha I totally forgot yo.
  • Solis: Idiot.
  • Corona: Hey yo respect your boss.
  • Corona: Oh well, I guess you were right in coming with me all along, even if you're PUSSYING OUT laters!

  • Solis: Of course I am right, what the hell do you think I am.
  • Corona: Mmm, a big nerd?
  • Solis: ...
  • Solis: Please walk faster so that I may not have to see your face any longer.
  • Corona: You got it tots.
  • Corona: I would've said the feeling is mutual, if teasing you wasn't my favorite pastime.
  • Solis: Ugh.
  • Solis: Okay well, if you're really this bothered about going in my stead, then don't go.
  • Solis: I'll just... I'll somehow manage by myself I guess.
  • Corona: Hey bitch, nice timing!
  • Corona: How nice of you to offer that when it's totally not too far for me to turn back now!
  • Solis: Oh my god.

  • Solis: No, just go back if you're going to complain again.
  • Solis: I am NOT dealing with this.
  • Corona: Nah, I'm not gonna complain.
  • Corona: Sol shush.
  • Corona: No, shh shshsh sh shhhhh.
  • Corona: Listen, I made a bet on this shit.
  • Corona: I'm not letting that hot 20 bux go.
  • Solis: I have no idea what the fuck you're talking about.

???: Arrive at your destination

  • Solis: Oh look, there's the fork, now I don't need to inquire about whatever the fuck you're saying anymore.
  • Solis: How wonderful!
  • Corona: Yeah yeah princess just go and let me do your job.
  • Corona: You'll see, I'll be the one laughing later with my mad cash.
  • Solis: Do you ever shut up.
  • Corona: C'mon, you know you love it when it's just us two!
  • Solis: No, I don't.
  • Corona: You so do!
  • Solis: I would rather rip my ears off than listen to you any more.
  • Solis: Good bye, and good luck.
  • Solis: Break legs. All of your legs.
  • Corona: Aww thanks, how sweet of you!
  • Solis: I meant that as insincerely as one can manage to be, while also hoping that the job gets done.
Corona: Mess with him some more. You know you want to.

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Hello abondoner of five. Its a good thing the all-mighty Nino is the son of Chuck Norris which explains why he survived the war. He's just being merciful to the people who beat him up all-hail the all-mighty Nino.