26 Jul 2019

Aria: Ignore the illusion

It's too bad she's going to have to find out this way, isn't it?
Really, if only you were honest from the beginning. I hate liars, you know!
I won’t forgive you for letting me die, though.
I was still so young! I too had ambitions, dreams, and goals to live for even if I couldn’t remember them all at the time, you know?
So. It’s only fair that you take responsibility now.
You are a human too, you will pay with your soul like I did.

Don't worry!
This way, you won’t be a bother anymore!
Good. Being so resigned will make it easier.

Five: Aria!!

  • Five: No, Aria can't listen!
  • Five: You... Can't listen to spirits!
  • Five: It's lying, it's not real...
  • Five: Five knows so!

Oh, seems like I forgot about that little bother.
No matter. It's useless at this point.
It's clear as day that this human has completely given up.


  • Five: W-wrong! That's wrong!
  • Five: Five knows it's a lie!
  • Five: Five Knows...
  • Five: No, I know Nino would never say anything like it!
  • Five: And, I know...
  • Five: That you know so too!

    Aria: Snap out of it.

    That’s right, Five is still with you.

    What the hell were you thinking.
    You have to survive for her.

    ...Hmmm...! You’re a STRANGE human.
    Since the start, you could have easily seen through ME.
    But you wanted to keep the illusion?
    And even I can tell that while you’re still resigned to die,
    You chose to fend death now?
    Aria: You’re a mean impostor, spirit.
    Aria: Although, I think you’re right.
    Aria: Someone like me has no right to live after all. I do believe that.
    Aria: But right now, someone else’s life depends on my survival.

    Is this how you see yourself? That's so sad!
    Then, human, what's the point of trying to survive now?
    Aria: That doesn't matter.
    Aria: I have nothing to say to you.

    Come on! Don't you see?
    Why writhe and struggle at all...
    If you don't even want the life you fight for?
    Aria: Your words are not going to work.
    This is what that human threw his life away for?
    I wonder what he would think of this woeful display!!
    Aria: It doesn’t matter.
    Oh, that poor soul!

    Aria: Grab your weapon!

    Forgotten so soon after death by a dear friend!
    What would he say! Surely he’d despair.
    Aria: It doesn’t matter at all when I can’t even ask him.
    Oh? But you can talk to ME just fine!
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    4 years ago

    Aria: He was a hero, you are not. You are just a coward who lives in the shadows disguised as someone else. And the best part? You don’t have any true power. Because he cared. You don’t. Because your just a fake. A spirit too weak to do anything but Manipulate others. Like every other imitator spirit here.

    4 years ago

    Aria: Gamer clap this goon.