30 Jul 2017


  • Kotori: Your highness.

  • Prince: Ah. There you are.
  • Prince: Never takes any time for you to arrive! Lovely.
  • Prince: I always wonder what intriguing little tricks you have up your sleeve.
  • Prince: I mean holy, didn't take you more than a minute to get here!
  • Kotori: ...Please.
  • Prince: Hey, don't make that face at me!
  • Prince: That's not cute at all!
  • Kotori: Ugh.
  • Kotori: Pardon the language, your highness,
  • Kotori: But would you kindly cut to the chase already.
  • Prince: Ahhhh. Impatient, aren't we.

  • Kotori: Why was I summoned.
  • Kotori: And why are those two here.
  • Prince: You're no fun.
  • Kotori: I believe I'm justified in questioning what's out of the "ordinary".

  • Prince: Well, I'll grant your wish.
  • Prince: Please, take a seat.
  • Prince: It's nothing but a small request I've called you for.
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3 years ago

The prince's ability to notice humans is probably because he hates them so much he wants to get rid of them.

3 years ago
Reply to  anonymous

he didn't know of Aria until Nino appeared, which flared up his spidey senses. I think that might be because of her abilities, of maybe Nino is like some Magic(tm) beacon.