26 May 2017

Nino: Ask what a guy has to do to get a tour around here.

  • Kotori: Anyway, I'm a busy person, so--
  • Nino: So!! Red Tulip Town huh?
  • Nino: Quite a fantastic name, probably poetic on some level or something!
  • Nino: Think you could show me around sometime?
  • Kotori: Um.

  • Kotori: ...Are you asking me out or something.
  • Nino: I-- Uh-- No-- Why would you think so?
  • Kotori: I told you before, you have Aria with you.
  • Kotori: She can just show you around.
  • Kotori: I don't see why I'd have to help with that.
  • Nino: Oh.
  • Kotori: Dumbass. Don't interrupt people like that again.
  • Aria: Tori, that's kinda harsh...

  • Kotori: AS I was saying, before I got RUDELY interrupted.
  • Nino: ...Sorry.
  • Kotori: I'm busy, so I'll let you be on your way now.
  • Aria: Are you still on watch around here?
  • Kotori: Yeah, I haven't finished surveying this area yet.
  • Aria: Seems like things have been rough since that other guard got moved.
  • Aria: You seem busy all the time nowadays!

  • Kotori: Yeah, well... I'm in charge of the whole place all by myself now.
  • Aria: That sounds like too much... Please don't overwork yourself.
  • Kotori: It's nothing, don't worry about it.
  • Kotori: Besides, more work just means more pay.

Nino, Aria, Kotori, Five and Ludwig: Well, what are you waiting for, get a move on!

  • Kotori: Well, I have to get going.
  • Aria: We'll be out of your way then.
  • Aria: Seeya, Tori!
  • Kotori: Mhm, I might see you around town later.
  • Kotori: Have fun.
  • Nino: (I was absolutely not flirting with her.)
  • Aria: (A-are you still hung up on that?)
  • Nino: (Whatever. Let's go.)

Everyone: Go on.

  • Nino: You guys sound like you're on good terms.

  • Aria: Yeah! Tori's nice to me.
  • Nino: Sure seems like it.

  • Nino: Nevermind that, hey! We've arrived.
  • Nino: Is this... Red Tulip Town?
  • Aria: Nope, we're not quite there yet.
  • Aria: The town is a little bit ahead.

  • Nino: This is...
  • Aria: The graveyard.
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