19 May 2019

Kaji: Play it cool.

Oh, you try, but you're struggling to not smile from ear to ear!
It's just, it's finally happening, you know? The recognition you've always wanted-

You mean, always deserved!

Yes, surely, in no time, every man on this island will finally open their eyes and realize the gift they've been given from the heavens. And what a coveted gift it is! It is fact that anyone you serve is exceptionally lucky to have your services, these people just need to realize that. It's alright, the public can be a bit dense sometimes, and thankfully you're one understanding fellow.

Act like this is natural and the fans will be flocking to you in no time!

Oh yes, one more fan-letter to add to the pile at home, you say.

The barkeep says haha, yeah. Haha.

You thank him for tending to the requests of a dear fan of yours. You say you bet it must be real hard basking in the shadows of your success! But not to worry, you say. You tell the barkeep that he is a lovely human with whom you have a good connection unlike all others, so he will not have to worry of you abandoning his companionship for fame!

The barkeep says yeah, sure, thanks, whatever-
Err, he meant to say that he hopes you enjoy the drinks.

He says he's busy doing something, but he really appreciates your constant visits and especially the huge monetary support from your drinking habits a whole lot. But he says the last part quietly and you don't happen to catch it over the sound of your self-absorption.

What a nice guy he is!

You think you love coming to the Tipsy Fish after all.

The compensation is all in order.
One accomplice seeks their share as the other counts his.

As per instructions, transactions are to be completed in shadows, masked from woozy patrons by the aquatic singing of a young starfish talent.

The jobs of double agents are not at all thankless.

Transaction: Complete.

  • Meimona: And that's how you play an angel like a fiddle, partner.
  • Meimona: The human, squid, and starfish are ALL essential parts, you know.
  • Nino: ...Wow.
  • Nino: Yeah, okay. That deserves a bit of applause.
  • Meimona: >:]
  • Nino: One clap, to be specific.
  • Meimona: Oh, don't be stingy. >:[
  • Meimona: I've really saved us from trouble there!
  • Meimona: And uhh, that should be enough payback too.
  • Nino: You saved me from trouble that YOU got me into, though.
  • Meimona: Shh shh, small details.
  • Meimona: With this, Kaji will be distracted for a long time.
  • Meimona: No problems anymore, so you can do whatever you want!
  • Nino: Uhh. That's helpful for sure, but...
  • Nino: I think we'd better use the time to find a way off of the island.
  • Meimona: Hmm, yeah!
  • Meimona: I agree, let's find somewhere safer.
  • Meimona: Who knows what other cops are looking for us?
  • Nino: Yeah, so...
  • Nino: ... Wait.

  • Nino: "US"??
  • Meimona: !?
  • Nino: Cops looking for YOU, you mean!
  • Nino: AHH, I forgot that YOU'RE the reason for all of this!!
  • Meimona: Durr, SURE, let it go already!
  • Meimona: I'm not the only outlaw on this tundra!
  • Meimona: I don't think I need to remind you of how you intelligently broadcasted your little vacation through the barrier earlier!
  • Meimona: That's a SERIOUSER offense than my borrowing.
  • Nino: It's not "borrowing" and you KNOW it.
  • Meimona: Small details again, how convenient.
  • Meimona: You wont distract me from YOUR crime!
  • Nino: Well, okay, I went across and back. S-so what?
  • Nino: Nobody knows except for a couple fishes and a single cop on an isolated island!
  • Meimona: You're forgetting someone there.
  • Nino: No I'm not...?
  • Meimona: Yeah you are.
  • Meimona: :]
  • Nino: Oh.
  • Meimona: :]]]
  • Nino: You... You wouldn't dare tell on me.
  • Meimona: Oh, would I now?
Meimona: Assert.
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Joseph Longacre
Joseph Longacre
5 years ago

Meimona: Keep dragging nino along, he could be a liability if you let him get away

5 years ago

Nino: fine then, the more the merrier. What you need to do is man up explain about Five, Ludwig and Aria. You also have to make a plan to avoid the sea patrol since it’ll be likely they’ll be on the lookout for you. Plus they may have hung wanted signs so you may have to avoid bounty hunters. So man up and explain. Your memories don’t matter if you lose them.

5 years ago

Lol at panel look at the other customer’s face.

5 years ago

The second panel.

5 years ago

Nino: Check the party. Mei: Check inventory.