19 May 2016


Nino: Ask her how she feels.

  • Nino: Hi!
  • Nino: So how do you feel?
  • ????: ...

Nino: Ask her name.

  • ????: F...feeling...
  • ????: ...Alive...
  • Nino: That's great!
  • Nino: I'm Nino. What's your name?
  • ????: ...
  • ????: ...Um...
  • ????: Name...
  • ????: Name is... 5.
  • Five: 5... is assigned number.

  • Nino: It's great to meet you, Five.
  • Nino: So are you lost here, like me?
  • Five: ...Lost...
  • Five: ...Five thinks... Yes.
  • Nino: Do you know where your home is?
  • Five: Home...

  • Five: ... Home....

  • Five: ...Home?

She's quite young, and appears to have trouble communicating her thoughts and understanding you.

She seems like she's faced a lot of hardships. Well, even if she might not fully understand, you will try your best to explain the concept.

Perhaps a drawing could help.

  • Nino: Hey, don't worry if you don't understand!
  • Nino: Here, I'll show you.

  • Nino: A home is where you belong, it's where you live!
  • Nino: Well okay, my drawing looks crappy but ignore that.
  • Nino: So, do you know where your home is?
  • Nino: Or like, where you are supposed to return?
  • Five: Oh!
  • Five: Five... Knows!

  • Five: Five... Remembers!
  • Five: When unit is lost...
  • Five: Unit... Go back... To lab!
  • Nino: ...Lab?
  • Five: Yes!
  • Five: Lab... Is home!

Five draws you a sketchy picture of... something? Someone?

Although it is very adorable, it just raises more and more questions.

You have so many questions, but you don't want to ask too much. You don't want to overwhelm her, especially not after all of what happened before.

On the bright side, though, she's slowly seeming more energetic and less scared than before. You hope she's warming up to you well.

Nino: So who's her "friend"?

  • Nino: So who's this person.. Um, your friend?
  • Five: Friend!
  • Five: This is... Friend!
  • Five: ...Friend take care... Of Five!
  • Five: Friend also is... Guard!
  • Five: Friend... Guard of Prince!
  • Nino: Wait, whoa, you mean he's a royal guard?
  • Five: Yes! Friend is... amazing!
  • Five: ...But Prince... Make Friend... Banish... Five...
  • Nino: Oh.

  • Five: Prince... is bad...
  • Five: Prince... is... bad...

  • Five: Five... is... a failure...
  • Five: Five...transform... to be useful...
  • Five: Five... doesn't want...
  • Five: ...transformation...

  • Nino: That's nonsense! You're not a failure!
  • Nino: And hey, listen, you're safe now!
  • Nino: You won't transform! I promise!
  • Five: ...no...transform?
  • Nino: Yes! It's a promise!
  • Nino: Jeez, monsters are pretty cruel to punish you just for being weak.
  • Nino: I can help you find your friend.
  • Nino: You want to find him, don't you?
  • Five: ...yes...
  • Five: five wants... friend...
  • Five: ni..no... find friend?
  • Nino: Sure!
  • Nino: Heck, we'll do it together! I'm not about to leave a friend alone.
  • Five: ...nino... is... friend?
  • Nino: Yeah! See, you're not alone.
  • Nino: You have me! You can even call me "friend" if you want!
  • Nino: Like how you call your other friend!

  • Five: No!
  • Nino: Wuhh...?
  • Five: nino is nino!
  • Five: friend is friend!
  • Nino: Oh... Oh boy. Okay...
  • Nino: I guess I'm a friend, but not THE friend?
  • Five: yes! nino must... understand!
  • Nino: Well, whatever suits you I guess, five.

Nino: Five is no name. Brainstorm a new one for the young lady.

  • Nino: Hey, calling you "five" feels sorta weird.
  • Five: ...why...?
  • Five: five is five's name!
  • Nino: It's more like a number and less like a name.
  • Nino: Ok, so how about this?
  • Nino: Five is not a good name, don't you think so?
  • Nino: So instead, let's think up a new name for you!
  • Five: new... name...?
  • Nino: Yes! It'll be something great!
  • Nino: How about...

Your conversation is interrupted by sounds of rumbling coming deep from the forest.

Both you and Five are in no condition for any encounters.

You yourself haven't eaten in a long time. You feel sleepy, and you're low on HEAL to boot. Five looks somewhat tired too. It's impressive how energetic she's starting to sound despite that, really.

You're going to have to exit the forest if you want to stay alive.

  • Nino: ...Maybe we'll think of a good name later, Five.
  • Nino: Let's get out of here first.
  • Five: ...forest...scary...
  • Nino: Don't worry, I'll get you to safety in no time!
  • Nino: Then we can find your friend.
  • Five: find...friend...?
  • Nino: Yeah.

Nino: Well, nothing to do but continue onward.

Five will always follow behind you from now on.

You go through the only path forward, but you stop once you reach that strange light on the ground.

It appears to be a LANTERN, lit by a small firefly. It's providing the light in this area.


Nino: Inspect the LANTERN first, since it's just here in this spooky forest for no good reason.
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1 year ago

can i say that this comic is excellent> like sriously i've been looking everywhere for something to read now that i've finished homestuck and this really caught my attention> it's amazing>

1 year ago

tl;dr: Monster Girl is now feeling alive again, and is also named after the number five. Nino asks where her home is, but she doesn't know what a home is. After Nino explains, she says her home is a lab. She also explains her "friend" was a guard of the prince, and prince made him banish her to transform and be useful. Nino decides that's bull, and wants to be friends. Nino tries to give a better name to Five, but is interrupted by a far away rumbling before he can give it to her. Decides to move, and finds a lantern.