18 May 2016

Nino: Ask why it's crying.

You choose to keep TALKING.

No longer feeling any fear, you settle down next to the BANISHED MONSTER.
You tell it everything will be ok, and then ask it why it's crying.

It starts carving something on the ground with one of its claws.

It's a portrait of a person you don't recognize.

Nino: Ask what you can do for it.

It doesn't answer.

It just stares at you.

Nino: See if you can heal it with your ability.

You don't care how dangerous it may be for HUMANS to help a MONSTER. This poor thing doesn't deserve to suffer any longer.

You tell it again that everything will be alright.

Nino: Use HEALING HANDS type: REMEDY on the monster.

You never lied when you said you wanted to be friends.

You successfully end the battle.

You gain some EXPERIENCE in DIPLOMACY. You lose 1 REMEDY in the process.

The BANISHED MONSTER is reformed and healed.

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The Complainer
The Complainer
2 years ago

no way to save muh progress

2 years ago
Reply to  The Complainer

dead ass

2 years ago

Love the comic so far :)

1 year ago

tl;dr: Nino asks why monster is sad. Monster doesn't answer but draws a picture of somebody in dirt. He asks for how to help, but monster stares at his hands. Nino decides to heal the monster and be friends. Monster turns out to be a cute girl.

1 year ago

Bone new monster girl waifu