24 Dec 2018

Site Launch!

Hello! Merry (early) Christmas, and welcome to the official Oceanfalls website!!

The site has been in the works for about two months, I'm very pleased to unveil it now.
Many thanks to Deltapsi, Bambosh, and Hadronus (HADR0N) for helping build it all!!

Here is a list of everything new on the site for you to discover:

  • Special fancy CSS themes for certain pages!
  • If you would like to see all the new themes, I recommend a quick reread.
  • Comment sections! Log in to participate!
  • They're on every page, so that you can tell me your darkest secrets.
  • The walkaround on this page has been reworked from the ground up.
  • It now runs smoothly using HTML5. Do not make my mistake of coding things with flash.
  • There is a character list page now, with a fun little sorter.
  • It will be updated with any new character additions as the comic goes on.
  • There is now an adventure map available, for faster navigation.
  • It will swiftly update with maps of new chapters as soon as they conclude.
  • We still have a fanart booru, but now it's running slightly better than before.
  • Browse fanart and/or contribute to it here!
  • RSS feed is now a thing that is here for you to use.
  • It's the little orange button next to "Latest Updates".
  • This news section is a new thing as well.
  • If there's anything important to know, it'll all be announced right here.

That should be all.

By the time this newspost is readable, I will be away on a short holiday break. Regular updates will resume very soon after said break! Expect the next update roughly on the 27th of December, along with a handy update schedule for January. As usual, thank you so much for reading the comic!

I hope you enjoy the site, and all future upcoming content.

Volume 2 Announcement.
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5 years ago


5 years ago

You're in the big leagues now.

5 years ago


5 years ago

Very nice website! I like it.

5 years ago

This explains why I haven't seen any updates for a while...