22 Apr 2019

Volume 2 Announcement.

Hey, it's an Oceanfalls volume 2 announcement!

After a whole lot of work and wait, this 32 track long album made by the talented members of the Oceanfalls music team is finally ready for release!
Huge thanks to everyone involved in production! It is quite a fantastic follow-up to my small and humble Oceanfalls Volume 1, and supremely better in every aspect.

Volume 2 will be streamed live next Saturday, (4/27), at 4 PM EST.

The album will be accessible on Bandcamp right after the livestream, so be sure to catch it. I hope to see you on the stream!

- If you're not sure when 4 PM EST is for you, here's a handy countdown.
- The stream will be live over on this link when its time to begin.

There will be an announcement here when the album is released. I hope you'll enjoy the it when it drops!

In other news, regarding the comic's regular updates, I have brief things to say.

The next update is very soon for sure! But there won't be any consistent update schedules anymore. Due to various external factors, I can't reliably stick to update schedules of any kind at the moment. Instead, I'm simply updating whenever it is possible for me to do so for now, but I hope I can manage a good pace of updates sometime soon.

Thank you very much for keeping up with the comic as usual. :)

Volume 2 Release!
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