01 Jul 2018

Nino: Don't leave her.

  • Nino: There's no way I'm doing that, Aria.
  • Aria: ...
  • Aria: Why...? Haven't I caused you enough trouble already?
  • Aria: Won't you listen to my requests for one last time, please?
  • Aria: I don't want to be a burden to you anymore.
  • Nino: But you aren't!
  • Nino: Stop blaming yourself for things out of your hands!
  • Aria: Even so I still messed everything up!
  • Aria: I don't want to trouble anyone anymore!! Nino, just...
  • Nino: Aria, listen, you literally saved my life!
  • Nino: You aren't a bother at all, even if it seems that way to you!
  • Nino: In fact! I feel like the bother here, hehe.
  • Nino: I would've been dead meat if it weren't for your help.
  • Nino: Am I not right?
  • Aria: ...
  • Aria: I'm still... I'm still more trouble than good.
  • Aria: I've... made an enemy of Kotori for you.
  • Aria: That's nothing forgivable!
  • Aria: Kotori's... She's not an easy foe!
  • Aria: And the fact that a human is here could spread around.
  • Aria: Other dangerous guards could come after you!
  • Aria: And that'll all be my fault, Nino!
  • Aria: What if I keep messing up and...
  • Aria: And you...
  • Aria: You die... because of me?
  • Aria: Because of the danger I'm putting you in?
  • Nino: No, Aria. I won't be in danger.
  • Aria: Huh?

Nino: Tell Aria she's been nothing but helpful since the moment you met her.

  • Nino: We'll both be in danger.
  • Nino: And that's my fault, not yours!
  • Aria: W-what?
  • Nino: You've been solely blaming yourself, but I don't think that's right here.
  • Nino: If you insist on blaming yourself then you should blame me, too!
  • Nino: I think you would've still been safe at home if I didn't come here.
  • Nino: So I'm sorry, Aria.
  • Aria: N-no! Don't blame yourself!
  • Nino: Then you don't blame yourself either!!
  • Aria: A-ah...
  • Nino: You can be upset at me, but not at yourself.
  • Nino: You were only helping me, I'm sorry for causing a whole mess for you.

Nino: refuse to abandon your friend.

  • Aria: ...
  • Aria: I... I don't want to blame you.
  • Aria: Because... I'm glad I met you here.
  • Aria: I don't think this meeting was a misfortune.
  • Aria: I'm sorry... I'm so selfish... I really wanted to leave this accursed world.
  • Aria: But in all my years of living here, I never thought it possible until I met you.
  • Aria: This is the first time I've felt real hope for this selfish desire.
  • Aria: That's why, I don't want you to blame yourself!
  • Aria: I want you to leave safely. That's my thanks to you.
  • Aria: The only way for that is for you to leave without me, so I don't end up causing more trouble.
  • Aria: It's enough that I felt happy and hopeful for this short duration, I don't want anything more besides your safety.
  • Nino: You're right.
  • Nino: At this point, what's blaming ourselves going to do?
  • Nino: Rather, I want to give you my thanks, too.
  • Aria: Your thanks... too?
  • Nino: Yup!
  • Nino: If I get such a big thanks-offer for helping you, then don't you deserve one from me too?
  • Nino: Aria, your help saved my life before, and you know what?
  • Nino: I want to repay that favor.
  • Nino: And I'll do that by helping you out of here.
  • Aria: Huh?
  • Nino: I'm sorry, I can't listen to your request when you ask me to leave you behind.
  • Nino: Because... I want to take you back to the human's side with me.
  • Nino: Then we'll all be safe there! That's my repayment!
  • Aria: B-but...
  • Aria: I...
  • Nino: But I don't want you to get the wrong idea, it's not just about repaying a favor!
  • Nino: I also want to keep being friends!
  • Aria: Oh...
  • Nino: And, I think I'm not the only one... Right, Five?

  • Five: Y-yes!
  • Five: Aria... cheer up!
  • Ludwig: BOOF.
  • Nino: Haha, Ludwig too of course, it's not just me and Five!
  • Nino: Aria, I won't leave any one of my friends behind.
  • Nino: So let's survive this together.
  • Nino: And afterwards, let's stay friends!
  • Aria: Oh... Nino, I'm...
  • Aria: I'm sorry I'm such a mess.
  • Aria: But I... understand.
  • Aria: If you're okay with someone like me, then...
  • Aria: Let's all stay together...!

Five: hugs. Just all the hugs.

  • Five: Yaaay!
  • Five: Five wants... to stay friends!
  • Ludwig: *boop*
  • Ludwig: BORK.
  • Aria: Awh... You guys.
  • Nino: See!!
  • Nino: You can't be selfish like that and decide to be by yourself, Aria.
  • Nino: I'll be really mad if you do that again!
  • Aria: Heheh.
  • Aria: ....Thank you, Nino.
  • Aria: I'm sorry... I promise I won't.
  • Nino: It's fine, I think we've both said enough sorry's for a lifetime by now!
  • Nino: More importantly Aria, you should be more excited about this!
  • Aria: Uhh... More excited?
  • Nino: Yeah!
  • Nino: Like, don't you want to see what the human world looks like?
  • Aria: Oh!
  • Five: Five... Five wants to see!!
  • Nino: Yes, yes, that's the spirit!
  • Nino: You should really learn from Five, Aria.
  • Aria: Don't be rude! I've definitely given it some thought before!
  • Aria: Actually, I try to read about your world when I can, from time to time.
  • Nino: But c'mon, words aren't enough!
  • Nino: I promise I'll show you how amazing the human world is, soon.
  • Nino: It'll be mindblowing! You'll love it!!
  • Aria: Hehehe, is that so?
  • Aria: In that case if it's not as amazing as you say, I'll need a refund on this trip.
  • Nino: Aw, cut me some slack, I don't fully remember the details there, you know!
  • Nino: But I'm sure it'll be something amazing, I swear!
  • Five: Five... Five is excited to see..!
  • Five: Aria... excited too?
  • Aria: Heheh, yes.
  • Aria: Despite Nino's suspiciously lacking claims, I'm still so very excited.
  • Nino: Hey, nothing's suspicious about my weird memory issues.
  • Nino: I'll bet I just need one nap and I'll be all fine again!
  • Aria: But didn't you just take a nap at my home?
  • Nino: Oh, crap!
  • Nino: I mean, heck! Five is here!
  • Nino: Sorry!
  • Nino: Wait, fu- heck- we're not saying sorry anymore! Aaah!
  • Aria: Ehehe, get it together, you!
  • Five: ...Um!
  • Five: Five wants to say something...!

  • Five: Five... glad!
  • Five: Glad that Aria... smiled again!
  • Aria: Oh...!
  • Aria: Hehe.
  • Aria: It's thanks to you and Nino, Five!
  • Aria: I'm so happy, it's almost embarrassing.
  • Five: Five... happy to help!!
  • Five: Oh! Did Aria find... umm...
  • Aria: Hmm?
  • Five: Umm...
  • Aria: What's wrong? what are you trying to say?
  • Five: Five not sure how to say... Umm...
  • Five: Five thinks... umm...

??? : appear.

  • Five: Did Aria find place... where Aria belong?
  • Aria: Oh.
  • Five: Five... see Aria happy with Nino... Ludwig... and Five...
  • Five: So Five thinks... this is where Aria belong?
  • Aria: ...
  • Aria: Maybe you're right, Five!
  • Aria: I think I'll... I'll still be happy wherever I am if it's with you guys.
  • Aria: With my... friends!
  • Five: Five... agree!!
  • Five: Nino, agree too?

  • Five: ... Nino?
  • Aria: Nino? What's wrong?
Nino: Look up.
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5 years ago

Corona may have killed all of Nino's friends.

2 years ago
Reply to  anonymous

this comment hit different in 2021

4 years ago

aria: god im such a burden, just leave me to die
nino: didn't ask don't care