18 May 2016

Nino: Examine sparkly orb.

Alright. But this is not an orb.

This is your SPECIAL ABILITY, which you have creatively dubbed the HEALING HANDS.

Every person has one ABILITY tied to their very existence, and yours is the ABILITY TO HEAL WOUNDS. As handy as it is, you'd rather have something else. Something cooler.

Like fire-breathing. Or maybe laser-eyes! Wow that would be so cool.

But nobody gets to choose their ABILITY, sadly, so you're stuck with this lame thing.

Nino: Check that sword out.

And this is your good ol' weapon of choice.

You're pretty good at sword fighting! Swords are the best.

There are the different kinds of attacks that you are able to use, ranging from the least to the most lethal. As you progress, you will unlock better and stronger attacks.

Nino: Equip sword to RIGHT HAND and the glowing orb to your LEFT.

You are right-handed, so you obviously set your sword to your RIGHT HAND. Your heal goes in the other hand.

NOW you are armed to the teeth and ready for combat!
There is no chance anything bad will happen to you anytime soon--

Nino: Fall from the tree.


Okay, you are going to suffer some SERIOUS brain damage if you don't stop falling and hitting your head like this.

The SCRATCHING noise suddenly stops.

Nino: Look and listen carefully before heading out.
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5 years ago

Weapons are not a gift, they are a curse of burden which only bring death. Do not ever forget that Nino.

5 years ago

Huh. Nino has Lay on Hands.

1 year ago

tl;dr: Nino discovers his White Mage abilities, and finds enjoyment in playing with his sword ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). Slips on ass, some thing notices him