29 Jun 2017

Nino: Ask if it's someone she knew.

Well, of course it is, spending time on a stranger's grave would be weird!
But perhaps it is someone close...

Maybe it wouldn't hurt to ask.

Nino: Go Comfort Aria.

  • Nino: Aria, are you alright?
  • Nino: Sorry if I'm intruding or anything!!
  • Nino: I just wanted to check up on you...

  • Aria: Oh, Nino...
  • Aria: Sorry, I didn't see you there.
  • Nino: That's alright.
  • Nino: ...
  • Nino: Is it someone you were close to?
  • Aria: It's... yeah.

  • Aria: This is my mother's grave.
  • Nino: Oh...

Nino: Offer your condolences. Don't ask her too much. You just met.

  • Nino: ...
  • Nino: Sorry.
  • Aria: No, it's... It's alright.
  • Aria: It's been years, anyway.

  • Aria: I make sure to visit her grave and leave a few red tulips whenever I can.
  • Aria: Before this small garden became a graveyard,
  • Aria: She would take me for walks around here.
  • Aria: It was very fun!
  • Nino: Hehe, sounds like it.
  • Aria: We both used to come here every day.
  • Aria: Until, well...
  • Aria: ...
  • Nino: ...Aria?
  • Aria: Until...
  • Aria: Until she died in the last war.

  • Aria: Nino?

Aria: Nino?? W-what's wrong?

Aria: Nino?!!

  • Aria: NINO!!?
Aria: PANIC.
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5 years ago

what is the sacred conceto? and why does it have quotation marks. Also fire? was it Solis?

4 years ago

*nam flashback*

1 year ago

tl;dr: Nino asks about the grave, and Aria says it was her mom. Nino offers condolences, and Aria mentions that she died in a war. Suddenly, PTSD.