09 Jan 2017

Nino: The plan involves you being bait, doesn't it?

  • Nino: Play along? That sounds really fishy!
  • Nino: Are you going to set me up as bait or something??
  • Aria: W-what, no! This plan is safe for both of us!
  • Aria: You won't be in danger, I'm sure it'll work, so-
  • Nino: Oh of course, YOUR plan will work.
  • Nino: But MINE wouldn't!
  • Aria: ...
  • Aria: ... Are... you...
  • Aria: ... Are you ... mad?
  • Nino: NO!
  • Aria: You're... You're acting kind of childish right now.
  • Aria: You didn't have to get so angry! It's just that your plans weren't-
  • Nino: Whatever! Just-
  • Nino: Just tell me what you've planned.
  • Nino: Not like I have much of a choice here or anything.
  • Aria: A-alright!
  • Aria: Please just get up now.

Nino: You don't have a lot of options, do you?

  • Aria: There we go, thanks for cooperating with me, for once.
  • Nino: I'm not sure if I like the way you worded that.
  • Nino: But who cares, you're welcome.
  • Aria: P-please don't be mad.
  • Nino: ...Whatever.

Aria: Disguise Nino as another monster.

  • Nino: What are you going to do now, anyway?
  • Aria: It's simple, I'm going to use my disguise on you!
  • Aria: Don't move and stay relaxed.
  • Nino: Wait, what-
  • Aria: It'll be fine, just trust me.

  • Nino: ....What are you doing.
  • Aria: I just told you, I'm using my disguise on you!
  • Aria: And, stop fidgeting! You're making it harder to concentrate.
  • Nino: I-I'm not fidgeting!

  • Aria: Yes, you are fidgeting!
  • Nino: No, it's just...
  • Nino: It's nothing, just hurry it up.

Aria finally removes her hand from your forehead. That was extremely awkward. Well, awkward for you only, it seems.

You're not sure what she exactly did there, but you hope it will work.

  • Aria: See, if you had stopped fidgeting around I would've been done way faster.
  • Nino: W-who cares about that now!
  • Nino: More importantly, are you sure this will work?
  • Aria: Well like I said, you still have to play along.
  • Nino: Okay, what exactly do you mean by play-

plan: fail miserably.

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1 year ago

tl;dr: Nino is upset his plans don't work and Aria's does, but refuses to admit it. He agrees to go with her plan anyways. Aria explains that she'll create a disguise for Nino to look like a monster, but it's a bit awkward, and the shipping begins. She makes the disguise, and tries to explain what she means by Nino playing along, but Spear Girl attacks and embraces her inner Oblivion NPC before Aria can explain it to him.

1 year ago

Rip Ariass 😔