08 Jun 2016

Nino: DODGE!

You manage to stop just before the thing hits you.

That was really, really close! Whoever threw this thing must have very good aim.

It looks like a spear. You wonder who could be targeting you?

Nino: Realize that the monster chasing after you is HOT.

Before you could dismiss attempting to follow such a silly command, Five brings your attention to something.

Something red, pointy, and also above you. Again.

Nino: Look up. Again.

Is that...

Nino: Take a closer look.

Yeah, that's another spear. A REALLY fast spear.

Oh dear god.

Aria: As a show of trustworthiness, shoot whatever it is in the sky with your bow so that Nino won't get hurt.

  • Aria: Take Ludwig and the little kid and go hide!
  • Nino: Wait, what?
  • Nino: What are you doing?
  • Aria: I'll buy you some time, so go!
  • Aria: Hurry, get going!
  • Nino: But...
  • Nino: What about you?
  • Aria: That doesn't matter!

  • Aria: Just trust me and do what I said!
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5 years ago

note: go to the beginnings of introducttions for items.

1 year ago

tl;dr: Nino stops before the spear can hit him. A prompter tries to do a horny (bonk), but Five sees another spear. To establish trust, Aria harnesses her inner Robinhood to deflect the spear with her bow.

Exxy :3
Exxy :3
10 months ago

A guard throwing spear at human on a bridge? Is that a UNDERTALE REFFERENCE?!