11 Feb 2023

Mei: Wish on your luck that everything works out.

  • Reed: Here we are.
  • Aria: The barrier...
  • Meimona: Wuh, it's so funky-looking up close.
  • Meimona: I've never gone through a rift before...
  • Meimona: B-but it's gonna be okay to cross, right?
  • Meimona: You guys all gotta believe so!
  • Reed: It'll be fine.
  • Reed: I've done this plenty of times before.
  • Five: If everyone is together, Mei... won't be scared!
  • Meimona: I-I'm not scared!
  • Nino: Ha, sure you aren't.
  • Meimona: No! Really, I just don't know what to expect!
  • Meimona: So I just wanna prepare myself...
  • Meimona: Can you tell me what it's like to cross?


  • Nino: It's not scary at all.
  • Nino: From what I remember, there was bright, warm light from every direction.
  • Nino: I felt a bit of pushback, like I was walking against a wind current...
  • Nino: But nothing that could stop me from moving.
  • Aria: Yeah, I had the same experience!
  • Aria: We should go in holding each others' hands.
  • Aria: That way, the pushback will be like nothing!
  • Meimona: Ooh, okay...
  • Reed: Mhm. It'll be fine.
  • Reed: Hold on tight. We go in and out at the same time.
  • Meimona: Umm, so we're just gonna casually walk through the crack in it...?
  • Nino: Not quite yet!
  • Nino: Aria, care to do the honors first?
  • Aria: Oh! Yes, of course!

Aria: Apply monster disguises.

  • Five: Hehehe, wow!
  • Five: Everyone is like Five now!
  • Meimona: Whoah...!
  • Nino: Heh, I can't see my own, but it's funny looking at your disguises.
  • Aria: Don't worry, you look just as much of a monster as Reed does!
  • Reed: Eh... this is gonna take some time to get used to.
  • Aria: Don't let go now, Five.
  • Five: Okay! Five understands!
  • Five: Kitty also hold on doggy, okay?
  • Boyfriend: Mrowe...
  • Ludwig: Brork.
  • Five: Good boys!!!
  • Meimona: Gimme yours, Nino!
  • Nino: Ow! Don't grip too hard, hey!
  • Meimona: It's so you don't ever let me go!
  • Nino: I don't think I physically can if you're holding on this tightly!
  • Meimona: Awesome!
  • Meimona: That means I'm ready to hop in. :]
  • Five: Okay! Five will count... up!
  • Five: And when Five says five, everyone go together!
  • Aria: Hehe, alright!
  • Meimona: You got it, boss!
  • Reed: ...Okay.

Nino: Heal the land. You're a life force battery, after all.

That's a nice thought, but it's a little too late now.
Indeed, if an injured body can be healed, then the same must be true for wildlife.

But a dead person can never be made to return, can they?

Therefore, it would be impossible for you to bring this entire land, much less a single flower, back to life from the death forced onto it. If crossing that line was a mistake, then it is one that could never be fixed so easily, if at all.

Rift: Pulse.

You ought to be considerate with how much you take.
After all, no amount of healing in the world can revive the dead.

But let's focus on moving forward now, shall we?

The rift pulsates. Rhythmically beating, as waves of light seep through.
Its warmth draws you in, just like last time.

Five begins counting.
One, two, three, four, five.

Unconsciously, your grip on your companions' hands tighten as you step forward.

Party: Enter rift.
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1 year ago

Man this page is short but it's so visually striking