26 May 2016

Nino: Proceed cautiously.

Right. You need to be STEALTHY, and avoid any combat if possible.

The WILD BEAST keeps roaring, but it doesn't seem to have noticed your presence yet.

Nino: Howl back at it.

No!!! What do you think you're trying to do here?

What you need is to do is to be stealthy, not have a screaming contest with the BEAST!! You mustn't alert it to your location!

Provoking the WILD BEAST is the last thing you want.

Five kindly lets out a mighty adorable ROAR on your behalf to establish courageousness, and successfully provokes the WILD BEAST.

+5000 stupidity points.

The roaring grows closer as the beast approaches.
That was not a good idea.

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1 year ago

tl;dr: Nino chooses to avoid combat and try sneaking around the beast. Some moron thinks provoking it is a good idea, but Five roars back at the beast before Nino can finish dismissing the prompt. The wolf-beast draws nearer.