25 Jun 2022

Nino: What are you dreaming about?

It's you.
You're looking at yourself.

Yeah, you must be dreaming right now.

You appear a little different, however...
On the inside, are you still the same person as you are?

Nino: Talk to Nino.

  • Nino: Is it that fun being here?
  • Nino: Everyone's nice to me.
  • Nino: But is that even what I wanted?

Nino: Answer Nino.

  • Nino: Is it...?

  • Nino: I'm asking you.
  • Nino: We are all the same, in the end.
  • Nino: Except for... you.
  • Nino: You're acting like those complacent royal fools.
  • Nino: Hey, where has your resolve gone?
  • Nino: Why do I feel nothing from you anymore?

  • Nino: Aren't you getting a little carried away?
  • Nino: I expect better from myself.
  • Nino: But you stood by, and smiled to such people...
  • Nino: Surely, you don't think you have the right to do that, do you?

  • Nino: ...
  • Nino: ...Do I not?

Nino: Answer Nino.

  • Nino: Of course not.
  • Nino: Nobody can ever have power over you.
  • Nino: So... joking around, comforting them, helping them out...
  • Nino: All just because you experienced a bit of safety?
  • Nino: Not to mention how relieved you felt, talking to that fallen angel.
  • Nino: That was the most sickening thing to experience.
  • Nino: Boy, you really did get carried away.


  • Nino: "In the end, I only have myself."
  • Nino: Don't lie and say you've forgotten that.
  • Nino: It's a rule I'd never live without.
A lack of memories is a strange curse.

You have so much that you want to know right now.
If you asked any of your questions, would you be able to answer yourself?

Nino: Do you even remember that phrase?
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kaji (now without the pyxis)
kaji (now without the pyxis)
1 year ago

Nino: Do you even remember that phrase? How does this other you even know what he's talking about?

1 year ago

What’s with the scales?
What did I forget?
What do I remember?
All of us, is there anyone else?
Is there anything I’m gonna remember from this?
Give me my memories back!
Please, give a hint, something I should do!
What do you want?
What do I want?
Why aren’t you me?
Why can’t I?
Why are you here?
Why do you look so different?
Why do these images surround us?
Why did you keep standing by?
Why are we like this now?
What do we do now?

(Stay Silent)

1 year ago

I recall how Hadron on the discord broke apart Zachary's proposal for a theory.
tl;dr: The body is a metaphorical house for the soul with a window, and while it can't be changed, like knocking out a load-bearing wall, it can be augmented, like adding a flower bed or some furniture.

Regular Nino: You may as well try. Enough cryptic bull, ask for some real answers already.

Forgotten Nino: How bullheaded he's become. Remind him who he is. May as well point him the right direction.

Regular Nino: Investigate the window. Peek in.


Real Nino: Awake.

Nino: Oh god your head. It's like you went out drinking all day, puked on the bed and stepped in cat piss while running away from the sea patrol because you committed a not-felony, finally ending up in pajamas with an insane hangover in a hotel the next morning. Clearly you aren't exager-Oh hey what's that smell?

Aria: It's muffin time!

Party: Gracelessly get ready for the day.

1 year ago

What is this Nino-ception?

1 year ago
anonymous person
anonymous person
1 year ago

Nino: Why in dreams?

1 year ago

Nino: stab yourself

1 year ago

Nino: Question nobody. Not even yourself.