16 Dec 2017

Aria: Fail at not being absolutely miserable

  • Nino: H-hey, Aria.
  • Nino: It's all going to be alright, so...
  • Nino: Cheer up a little!
  • Nino: We've just got to make it safely out of here.
  • Nino: ...So, um.
  • Nino: Maybe you shouldn't think this highly of Kotori?

Nino: Tell Aria that Kotori isn't that great.

  • Nino: I mean, look!
  • Nino: Kotori's not really that good of a person.
  • Nino: And...
  • Nino: You're, um, a lot better.
  • Nino: ...
  • Nino: That was a weird thing to say, probably.
  • Nino: I'm sorry I'm rambling like this.
  • Nino: I-I just think that you shouldn't be so crushed over this, y'know?
  • Nino: You deserve better friends!
  • Nino: If Kotori can't accept you the same because you're human, then, well...
  • Nino: She's not that great after all.

Nino: Say something you'll regret.

  • Nino: She's just the same as all other monsters who dislike humans.
  • Nino: And you deserve better than that.

  • Aria: No!

  • Aria: Just stop talking!
  • Aria: Nothing you're saying is true!!
  • Aria: Kotori is... Kotori is my friend!
  • Aria: There's no way she's doing anything against me out of her own volition!
  • Aria: It-it must be an order or something!
  • Nino: A-Aria--
  • Aria: I just...

  • Aria: Isn't all of this just happening because I'm a liar?
  • Aria: I pretended to be someone who I wasn't.
  • Aria: I lied to my first friend and tricked her.
  • Aria: It isn't Kotori's fault.
  • Aria: This isn't the fault of anyone's other than myself.
  • Aria: And now, I've gotten you and Five into more trouble.
  • Aria: Don't you see that I'm just a burden to whomever I call a friend!
  • Aria: You should just leave me behind and go.
Nino: Don't leave her.

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