15 Aug 2019


Aria: It's a human! But more importantly, IT'S LUDWIG

It... It IS a human!

That was kind of careless of you, forgetting that you potentially could run into anyone here and not applying any disguises. Well, to be fair, the spirit was taking up all your attention, but fortunately you ran into another human and not a monster so it's all okay and hey wait...

Wait... Is that Ludwig. IS THAT LUDWIG.
Yes it IS, YES IT IS!

HE'S ALIVE!!!!!!!


He's safe! He's here, in the flesh! Ludwig!!
He rushes at you for a BIG reunion hug. You and Five rejoice, YAY!!!!!!!!!

The human boy just stands there, silently staring.
It feels kind of judgmental, but well, you've still got to give him your thanks!

  • Aria: Y-you saved us, thank you so much!
  • Aria: I, um, you see, I had unusual problems with this one spirit...
  • Aria: Usually I'm much better at dealing with them, though.
  • Aria: But anyway! Thank you!!
  • Aria: I can't say that enough!

  • Aria: Wait, that symbol on your arms...!
  • Aria: Are you "R"?
  • ???: Seems you got the memo.
  • Aria: D-did you come to help?
  • ???: Mm.
  • ???: I'll guide you back to the human world.
  • Aria: !!
  • ???: Well, I didn't come to this point on purpose, actually.
  • ???: This forest beast lead me here by chance.
  • Ludwig: BARK.
  • Aria: Ludwig, yeah! You saved him too!!
  • Aria: I don't think I can thank you enough!
  • Aria: And, oh my, these bandages...
  • Aria: Did you apply them?
  • ???: I did.
  • Aria: Thank you for tending to his injuries!
  • Aria: I don't know what I would have done otherwise...
  • ???: Well, no problem.
  • ???: I was debating between doing that or killing it.
  • Aria: ...
  • Aria: ...
  • Aria: WHAT.

  • ???: You call a beast of war like that a "dog"?
  • Aria: Hey, that's REALLY not nice to say!
  • Aria: How could YOU??
  • ???: You should know that these creatures can be quite bloodthirsty.
  • ???: They've made for wonderful monster war weapons thanks to that.
  • Aria: Yeah but LUDWIG isn't like that!
  • ???: You're right, it...
  • ???: Uh, he isn't.
  • ???: That's mostly why I didn't kill him.
  • ???: He proved to be friendly and harmless.
  • Aria: This... This is a doozy.

  • Aria: I don't want to think about the alternative outcomes...
  • Aria: But w-well, thank you!!
  • Aria: For choosing to help Ludwig, and us!
  • Aria: We're forever in debt!

  • ???: Aaand stop.
  • Aria: Oh, s-sorry?
  • ???: There are so many problems already.
  • ???: Can you count how many things are wrong with this situation.
  • Aria: Oh...
  • Aria: W-what.

  • ???: It's three.
  • ???: There are three glaring issues right here.
  • ???: Let's make this brief.
  • ???: I'm here to guide you back to the human world.
  • Aria: I, yes, that's what I thought from the letter!
  • Aria: So we can really go there? Right now??
  • ???: No. First issue, right here.

  • ???: Who's "we".
  • ???: I'm sure I said just you.
  • Aria: Oh.

  • Aria: ...Umm, well!
  • Aria: "We" is me and, uh...
  • Aria: Five?
  • Aria: Why are you hiding, haha...?
  • ???: Oh, are you kidding me.
  • Aria: U-umm, so...
  • Aria: This kid is Five!
  • ???: ...
  • Aria: I mean, that's her name. Five.
  • Aria: Not her age, uh, I think!
  • ???: What kind of name is that.
  • Aria: Haha, I know right!!!
  • Aria: I mean, I don't know why, but yeah!
  • Aria: I-isn't it weird!
  • ???: ...
  • Aria: So...
  • Aria: Five is with me! and-

  • Five: I know you!
  • Aria: Huh?
  • Five: Human boy is mean to Ludwig and Aria, but...
  • Five: He saved Five from spirit!!
  • Five: So human boy is good!
  • Aria: Oh, what! Really!?
  • Five: It was a secret...
  • Five: But Five can't not say it anymore!
  • Five: Sorry!
  • Aria: Woah, so that's what happened!
  • Aria: Thank you, then-
  • ???: God damn it, blonde.
  • Aria: Um.
  • ???: Now it's four issues.
  • Aria: S-sorry?
  • ???: It's unbelievable how the problems just keep coming whenever you speak
  • ???: Downright astounding, even.
  • Aria: I, uh... :S
  • ???: Now, please do answer each one I state.

Human boy: Relentlessly state all complaints. NOW.

  • Nino: ONE, my boat is GONE,
  • Nino: TWO, I actually think it was too small for TWO people?
  • Nino: THREE, I'm hungry and I have NO money,
  • Meimona: Quit it!
  • Nino: SHUSH!
  • Nino: AND FOUR, I...
  • Nino: ...Can't think of a fourth problem.
  • Nino: I guess it's just these three.
  • Nino: BUT my point stands.
  • Nino: Why do things keep not going well for me!
  • Meimona: Oh, for you exclusively?
  • Meimona: Give me a break you big whiner, I'm here too!
  • Meimona: We better look somewhere else for a way off, instead of you taking up our time to whine.
  • Meimona: Maybe there's more boats in other places waiting for us!
  • Nino: I don't think anyone else is going to leave a boat out.
  • Meimona: But you literally found a Boat Out and used it!
  • Nino: I know, I know! I think...
  • Nino: I just had some dumb luck or something.
  • Meimona: Oh! Why, if luck is all you need,
  • Meimona: Then you're with the right person. :]
  • Nino: ??
Meimona: Explain your abilities to the simpleton human (but don't say that you think he's a simpleton)
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4 years ago

Meimona:It seems that it is time to demonstrate your special ability to the human whose name is Nino(0).

4 years ago

why does Mei have, like, the raddest of Halos

4 years ago
Reply to  Eel

Because she was invited to the raddest of parties, nino's.