01 Apr 2017



  • ????: ...
  • ????: My bad, Aria.
  • ????: I somehow thought your friend was a human.
  • ????: Heh! Amateur mistake. I haven't had this job for that long.

  • Aria: E-easy mistake, haha.
  • Aria: It's alright.
  • Nino: (I can't believe that worked.)

  • ????: Anyway, you haven't introduced me to this person yet.
  • Aria: Ah, yeah, um-
  • Aria: Nino, this is Kotori, a guard who works in this area.
  • Aria: She and I are acquaintances.
  • Aria: And Kotori, this is Nino, um, a friend of mine.
  • Kotori: Drop the formalities and just call me Tori.
  • Kotori: It's what everyone calls me, for short.

  • Kotori: Nice to meet you.
Nino: Shake. That. Hand.

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kotori may know five, so may solis due to the writen picture