10 Oct 2018

Dangerous Weapon (!!!): Store self in aria's inventory

This ridiculously big cleaver is just begging to be used.

Simply holding it is making you anxious.

You don't like it, but you have to have some means of self protection on you! Eeesh, in the inventory it goes - you stow it in very reluctantly.

Somehow, you still hope that you'll never have to use it.

Left in the secret hatch are the aforementioned coins and a note.

Those coins are the usual currency of the midworlds, which means they're usable in both human and monster worlds. A large amount (in your opinion) is left here. You could break these three golds into sixty silvers, twenty each! This'll no doubt be very helpful.

You remember a time where the prince desperately wanted to change from this currency to a brand new one, one without association to humans.

The plan quickly failed because nobody in their right mind would forfeit all their built up savings, and because everyone deemed a currency based on mere paper to be inferior to their shiny, shiny coins.

Aria: Read the note.

You... do so.

And as soon as you do, everything clicks together at once.

  • Vendor: This is goin' in circles.
  • Vendor: Just do what I'm askin' for, young miss.
  • ???: I can't just do that.
  • ???: This area is under Kaji's jurisdiction.
  • Vendor: I'm not the only one who wants the replacin' to be done, need I remind you?
  • ???: There isn't need for a replacement, sigh.
  • Kaji: Riiight, right, NEED I REMIND YOU, I did nothin' wrong!
  • Vendor: Yeah, you din't do shit.
  • Vendor: And that's the problem!
  • ???: Ma'am, Kaji has done his required duties just fine.
  • ???: This isn't the only place assigned to him.
  • Kaji: Oh man, she ain't gonna get it!
  • Kaji: Randos like these don't get yer royal talk!
  • Vendor: Excuse me?? I'm a citizen of this town!
  • Vendor: You're servin' ME! US!
  • ???: Ma'am, just...
  • Kaji: No no! Step aside, cap'n.

  • Kaji: Lemme handle this.

  • ???: Ah.
  • ???: I mean, if you want...?
  • Kaji: Ya ya, I got this.
  • Vendor: Yikes, what??
  • Kaji: (Shh, dude, ya ain't considerin' the bright side at all, are ya.)
  • Vendor: (What? Why are you whisperin', uh?)
  • Vendor: (There's no bright side to havin' my jewelry stolen!)
  • ???: ...?
  • Kaji: (Ya a fuckin' moron or what.)
  • Kaji: (Ya could just pawn off the jewels for more when I get em back for ya.)
  • Kaji: (Just say "Yo shit's touched by a divine winged, buy it an' get many a dam'n blessin's out the wazoo!")
  • Kaji: (That'll make ya a fortune now, woodnit?)
  • Vendor: (I...)
  • Vendor: (I-isn't that 'gainst the law?)
  • Kaji: (Huh? Well, yea I guess?)
  • Kaji: (I'd let one slide for ya thou, if ya just ask nicely... Heh heh.)
  • Vendor: (Holy shit.)
  • Vendor: (You know what, lad.)
  • Vendor: (You got good business sense.)
  • Kaji: (Thanks! By the by did I mention that ya can't get me replaced if ya want to pull off this moneymakin' stunt, hmm?)
  • Kaji: (Ya know, others ain't as chill as I am with enforcin' the brutal laws of his highness.)
  • Vendor: ...
  • Vendor: (Dam'n lad. You got me.)

  • Vendor: Right then! I'm sorry for the trouble, lil' miss!
  • Vendor: Please, do let the lad handle it.
  • ???: Huh?
  • Kaji: See, there ya go.
  • ???: Are you sure...?
  • Vendor: Oh, I am! Please, ignore everything from before.
  • ???: ...Okay.
  • ???: Thank you for understanding, then.

  • ???: What did you do.
  • Kaji: Nothin'.
  • ???: Kaji. Look at my eyes.
  • ???: What did you do.
  • Kaji: Maaan... I just gave the lady a good talk!
  • Kaji: Mano a mano, heartfelt talk. S'all, really!!
  • ???: I don't think that means what you think it means.
  • ???: Anyway, I smell something incredibly fishy.
  • ???: She changed her mind way too fast.
  • Kaji: Then I guess I'm just that good a charmer, hotcakes.
  • ???: Hotcakes.
  • Kaji: Yea hotcakes! Cap'n hotcakes.
  • ???: That's captain Lune to you.
  • Kaji: Cap'n Lune capital-Ache-Oh-Tee cakes. That's ya alright!
  • Lune: Don't say that ever again.
  • Lune: And don't change the topic.
  • Lune: I'm onto you, you know.
  • Kaji: Augh, FINE, look!
  • Kaji: All I said was, DUDE YOU AIN'T REALIZE IT BUT DUDE- I got feelin's too!
  • Kaji: N' she was all like, oh dude I'm so sorry dude I ain't realize!
  • Kaji: An' she was goin' on, oh we all've been so mean to ya, gotta talk with the boys gotta give ya one more chance. Gotta trust sometimes, ya feel?
  • Kaji: That's all t'was!
  • Lune: ...
  • Kaji: Did ya... Follow all that?
  • Lune: Of course I did.
  • Lune: Were you expecting me to not?
  • Kaji: Mmmmaybe a lil'.
  • Lune: You sneaky kid.
  • Lune: Well, I guess that's believable.
  • Lune: You're clear, for now.
  • Kaji: Gosh, why ya gotta be so sus, cap'n.
  • Lune: Because, Kaji, that's how safety is maintained.
  • Lune: That's how clean military foundation is ensured.
  • Lune: If you want the world to stay... Ah.
  • Kaji: Hmm? Why'd ya cut off with yer life lesson?
  • Lune: ...It seems like I got sidetracked.

  • Lune: I'm out of time, you see.
  • Kaji: OH, I see alright.
  • Lune: I underestimated how much it would take.
  • Lune: By extension, it's your fault for messing about too long.
  • Kaji: Dam'n, I thought I'd be off the hook just then!
  • Kaji: Sorry, cap'n.
  • Lune: I will be off. You ought to do your job now.
  • Kaji: Ought, heheh.
  • Kaji: Ya speak like a real royal goon.
  • Lune: Would you stop focusing on my words.
  • Lune: Place some more posters if needed. The walls look bare to me.
  • Kaji: Aye, cap'n!
  • Kaji: Good luck with yer biz!

Aria: What did you realize?

A map is etched on the top half.

A message is sunk into the bottom half.

You're not alone.
You're not the first.
Find your way.

The good captain takes off. Somehow, even though she's in a rush due to the time limit, she still maintains a graceful demeanor with a speedy prance. The way she moves alone tells you that everyone is miles beneath her.

She's so coooool.

Even though she's leagues beyond every commoner in this town, somehow she's the one who respects you, not them.

Guard Kaji is just a foolish child,
chimed the thoughts of every citizen in unison.

Kaji: Place a poster. Do the job you ought to do.

Wretch, fraud, useless. Kaji lacks the mark for divinity. Kaji is not a respectable guard. Kaji is not wise nor rational. Kaji doesn't take his job seriously. Kaji could never protect the town from a real threat.

And so on went the thoughts of conceited humans in a never ending stream of assaults. Every day, it's like this. Nothing new. The question begs itself: Do you care?

Of course you don't, duh.

Sea patrol doesn't care for the non-sea parts. Sea patrol is only concerned with the sea as a priority. You never cared for humans like these, humans with shallow egocentric natures, so you never bothered to prove yourself capable to them.

You could count on one hand the amount of humans you care for, and none of them are in this town.

Your name is Kaji Pyxis, and you only care about your job.

You don't like humans. You especially don't like working for them.

But you love the sea.

You're the sea patrol, and if it so happens that a stranded town comes as responsibility with that job, then so be it.

A parent scolds her child not to stare. Passerbys eye you and whisper shady thoughts to one another. Yep, forecast calls for another regular day in Icicle Bay, and you'll be damned if you're not going to enjoy it.

It's time to play tag with the divine thief yet again.

Five: Dream some more.
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