07 Oct 2018

Nino: Take a look around at your surroundings

This cold, dry, and windy tundra-like environment seems to be mainly a large body of icy water with only few frozen lands here and there. Yeah, it's painfully obvious that you're no geography pro, you're just describing things as you see them.

Anyway, surprisingly, there is a sign of civilization even in an odd place like this!

In the distance across the icy sea is a small island with a flashy light house. You've definitely got to go there! You desperately need to make contact with actual people again, get yourself some clothes that fit this weather, and food for your growling stomach.

Thankfully, before you could worry about how you'll reach the island, you notice a small boat resting nearby the land you're on.

It's time to embark on a sailing adventure, cat.

Nino: Inspect the cat-angel collar.

Slowly and steadily, you untie the boat and begin a new journey.

And no, your cat friend is wearing no collar in fact! It is simply a small red piece of cloth around it's neck. Could that be indicative of an owner?

Well, if it is, then... Then you'll fight. You'll fight tooth and nail to keep this cat to yourself, if you ever meet the owner, that is!! This cat LIKES you! He likes your hair, especially! Judging by the way he's acting, you bet he's never had an owner HALF as good as you are, oh yes you do.

You'd bet your entire life's savings on that in a heartbeat!

Nino: Realize the cat might be the girl in the picture!

What, THAT random thief???
You mentally compare the two in your head for a moment. Cat meows at you. This is stupid, this is the stupidest thought you've ever had!

Like, come on, this isn't one of your Animes!

Cute girls transforming into actual cats and into hybrid catgirls doesn't belong in real life. Plus, the gimmick of murderous cute catgirls with cleavers was so last year. Nowadays, it's all about murderous fashionistas, with shiny rings and lasers flaring everywhere.

Get with the times!

You fondly regard the last season of Galactic Princess Selene that revolved entirely around catgirls. That wasn't such a bad season, you guess, despite the fact that it was full of politics and pandering by having Selene commit explicitly violent crimes against monsters, all in the name of galactic justice. It was SO COOL, though.

Cat friend's eyes slowly judge you.

Maybe you shouldn't be thinking of this right now.

Nino: Check party screen

You do a quick check.

The menu still only has you, just like you last left it. You wonder why cat friend isn't there? You guess, from the silhouettes, that it's only for people and not animals.

Or maybe, it means you ought to strengthen your friendship with cat. Yes, you'll do that!

Nino: Improve friendship with cat

So, dear cat! While you're on this small trip, you'll get to hear all about your cool new friend, Nino! Starting off with some cool facts about this Nino, oh yes!

Your name is Nino! You're eighteen! You have brown hair and very clear blue eyes, as clear as the shimmering ocean itself! You're out on a great adventure, with great ambitions and goals to be realized! You like to uhh... You like to... Read!

Yes, reading! And you like your sword. You're pretty good with it! Erm, you think! And uh... You're here! With cat! Yes cat, Nino is here with you.

You're here on an adventure! And that adventure is...


You're here for a... Very good reason! Yes.

Though, you can't really seem to recall why. You feel like you just knew a moment ago. Just, just can't really place your finger on why, yeah.

God. You're talking out loud to a cat.

That's the least of your worries, though. Sorry cat. You just... You don't know why you're here. you feel like you hit your head really hard and forgot some important things at some point. Hey, no cause for worry if your brain can still think, right?

Well, you're worried, but only a smidgen. After all, this place is the human world! And you're back here! Isn't that a good thing?

Why does it feel so wrong, then?

You're certain you had something to do. That's why you left in the first place. And it feels like you came back without accomplishing a thing, but you can't even remember what it is that you wanted to accomplish. This guilt swims in your head without a logical source.

It's not just that, but you can't remember who you are. Or rather, who you were. Cat, to be honest, you feel scared of how much you don't know about yourself.

...God dammit, why are you still talking to the cat.

Cat: Meow.

There's no point in expecting reassurance-

Your feline pal senses your distress and attempts to cheer you up with a peck.

It's surprisingly effective.

Oh cat, you little rascal.

Seeing you back in high spirits, the cat, keeping it's ever so stoic expressions, settles back into your palms. It's work here is done.

The little feline is right, there's no point in worrying so much! You should act if you want a change. You promise cat that you'll instead work hard to remember every single thing, oh yes you will! And cat will be with you, every step of the way! Cat and you, forever and ever.

By fluffiness hierarchy, cat is destined to forever sit atop your head.

You and cat will go on a memory adventure, and it will be most fun.

Nino: Become the thief.

Try as you might, but you will not succeed just yet.

The thief is too fast for you.

  • Vendor: I know what I'm sayin' hun.
  • Vendor: You could never nab a mouse by its tail is what!
  • Vendor: A whole dam'n year and no change, I swear!
  • ???: Ma'am, please.
  • ???: If you could just be more patient.
  • ???: This time it will all be done for.
  • ???: You have my full assurance.
  • Vendor: Oh, do forgive me, miss.
  • Vendor: You ain't nothing but helpful!
  • Vendor: Nobody's got a thing against a dear flower like you.
  • Vendor: It's just this dam'n worthless louse, is who!
  • ???: Heh heh, back to callin' names, huh?
  • ???: Please cut him some slack.
  • Vendor: Gosh hun... You really couldn't get us another royal lad?
  • Vendor: Everyone n' their mums are right to be upset!
  • Vendor: What can a disgrace of a being like him do for us??
  • Vendor: 'Tis the third time the thievin' lass hit my store alone!
  • ???: Ma'am, please do not say such hurtful things.
  • ???: He is here to serve everyone.
  • ???: Nah, s'alright cap'n!
  • ???: I'm used to it!
  • ???: Just gots to show em by pressin' on.
  • ???: That's not quite a good thing.
  • Vendor: ANYWAY, hun.
  • Vendor: This lad's never got anything done for us, never!
  • Vendor: Really, could you try n' find one other lad or lass to send this time?
  • Vendor: I'm beggin', hun. I don't trust this...
  • Vendor: This... Wretch, to get back my precious goods!
  • ???: Zzz, get sum new insults, will ya.
  • Vendor: I'm sure I don't needa remind you of how much I lost, do I??
  • ???: Sigh.
  • ???: No ma'am, you do not.
  • ???: We will figure this out, so I ask you to not be at unrest.

Aria: now THAT was useless!

...It was not, in fact.

It really was not. Um, kind of.

In a flashy fashion, quite like nothing you've seen before in your life, this tree opened up a hatch to reveal unexpected goods inside.

It was quite the uh... Mechanical fashion. Something that seems confusing if you try to think about all the technical engineering behind it, yet your mind knows it has to be there.

Inside the tree, you see a DANGEROUS WEAPON (!!!), a couple of shining coins, and a note.

Dangerous Weapon (!!!): Store self in aria's inventory
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5 years ago

why would znino watch anime against monsters? His parents are dead thats why.

5 years ago
Reply to  anonymous

Nino may not want to remember his past due to him being able to remember anime but not his past.