17 May 2019

3rd Anniversary!

Today, 5/17, Oceanfalls becomes three years old!

I started this comic in may 17th of 2016, but I've actually had the story & characters for way longer! Since 2010 at earliest, it's all come a long way from a small game project to an ongoing interactive webcomic. This comic, it's story, and each of it's characters is all very special to me. Its story and characters grew up alongside myself all the way 'till now, and nothing makes me happier than having the chance to share every bit of it with another person.

Thank you so much for reading the comic, for all the support, and for just being here! I would not be at where I am without it all.

And I hope the future will be even better!

The site will look special for the occasion for a while - BIG thanks to Hadronus for the redesign help!

See you next update, and I hope you enjoy the latest stuff. <3

Volume 3 Release!
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5 years ago

Happy birthday Oceanfalls!

I love all the themed balloons in the background! It's fun to just watch them and see what they reference.

5 years ago

Of course it's the same day as minecraft's anniversary.

4 years ago

It about 2 more months till the next anniversary