29 Sep 2018

Kotori: Wait, what?

  • Suvillan: Thanks to you, the annoying buzzing is all gone!
  • Suvillan: My head is so clear, I can safely say that there is not a single human about, indeed!
  • Suvillan: Ahh, it's good to hear myself think again.
  • Suvillan: It's aaaall thanks to you! Good, good job!
  • Kotori: ...
  • Kotori: T...

Kotori: Go with it, oh gosh, go with it!

  • Kotori: Th-hank you, y-your highness?
  • Suvillan: You don't have to be so humble about it!
  • Suvillan: You proved yourself most capable.
  • Suvillan: Hold your head high and be proud!
  • Solis: Your highness, I figure it was too much for her, after all.
  • Corona: Yeaaah, shit was REAL ugly, your highness!!
  • Kotori: O-oh, yes! I uh...
  • Kotori: It was ugly but I-I managed, somehow.
  • Suvillan: Oh my, I see. Lord knows the ritual can be quite the shock when done firsthand.
  • Suvillan: I figured you'd be strong enough to withstand it, though.
  • Corona: Naaah no way, she's no veteran like good ol' ME!
  • Corona: I bet I could count on one hand the number of corpses she's seen in her lifetime!
  • Solis: You're no real veteran either, compared to me.
  • Corona: Oh what, so this is suddenly a peein' challenge??
  • Corona: Quit showing off and whizzin' it all up!
  • Solis: You turned it into one.
  • Solis: And I believe you mean a "pissing contest."
  • Corona: I know what I said and I meant what I know I said, you sacrilege of life.
  • Suvillan: Come on now, don't start up again.
  • Suvillan: Kotori, I am sorry for putting you through so much, my most loyal of servants.
  • Suvillan: Hey, look at it this way:
  • Suvillan: You're now CREDIBLY the most loyal! Fun, right?
  • Kotori: ...
  • Corona: Awww, isn't that me?
  • Corona: Am I going to be replaced??
  • Solis: Please do replace her.
  • Corona: No!! Maybe he should replace YOU!
  • Solis: There's no other like me, fool.
  • Corona: ...Said a COMMON monster, in the land of MANY OTHER monsters.
  • Corona: I'm easily the most unique it could get here!
  • Suvillan: Don't be silly, you two.
  • Suvillan: To me, not a single one of you is replaceable.
  • Corona: Aaaaw. {}:')
  • Corona: He means me with that, BTW. {}:')
  • Suvillan: I mean ALL of you, everyone here and outside, alright.
  • Corona: Ok well...
  • Corona: He means everyone except you Solis, got it!
  • Corona: Would you indulge me just this ONCE?
  • Solis: Sigh. Sure, sure. Everyone but me.
  • Corona: Aw yessssshoho, you don't have to admit it. {}:D

Your thoughts slowly drown out the voices of everyone else.

Somehow, Suvillan thinks you did the job. Somehow, Corona and Solis are playing along with it. Even though you've constantly been such a burden to keep up with, they don't mind. Somehow, despite everything you've caused, they all sounded like they were having fun together.

Somehow, it's going well. You were starting to think it's impossible for anything to go well when you're involved. Although, maybe that's just going well on the surface.

What could have happened to the mosquito to cause this?

You can't relax just yet, but it looks like this is your chance to go back to acting alone. No more working with others, and forcing them to deal with your burdens.

You, and only you, know what must be done, so you must act by yourself.

Knowing too much does put one in a special kind of isolation.

Nino: Get your bearings and survey your surroundings
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