18 Sep 2018

Nino: Better luck with that OTHER sign, maybe?

Uh, maybe.
You sure do hope so, since there seems to be nothing here besides these signs.

Maybe this one will be helpfu-

Nino: Make sure the sign is not just another illusion.

No, no, of course not!
Of COURSE this, of all things, is real and not an illusion.

Oh sorry, sorry, sorry, for you so presumptuously got way ahead of yourself by expecting to find anything useful in this dump. Soooo sorry!

Is this perhaps what monsters call "modern art"? Someone vomiting on a piece of paper and framing it? Actually, comparing this crap to that act is an insult to the act itself.

Nino: Is there nothing more to this cave?

Almost nothing.

On the opposite side, there are only a couple things of note.

Nino: Take a closer look.

You go down the mental checklist of Things In This Area:

Cracks with a VERY SUSPICIOUS LIGHT, a piece of paper containing probable trash, and stones that you'll totally hop on from one to one like a little kid. And yes, hopping is necessary, in case you were wondering!!

It's like when you don't step on the lines between tiles.

Not-Aria: Stay away from reflective surfaces, you seem to be reflecting Aria! Casually walk down the path until you are out of eyesight, then duck into the woods. (be careful about the tracks you're leaving!)

Right, right! There's so much to keep in mind!

Instead of casually walking though, you find yourself making a run for it. Fuck it, the focus gauge is going to mess everything up if you take too long getting out of here.

You have only a small, small, small hunch of where you'll be going now.

A small, selfish, emotional hunch.

Nino: Look at the probably-trash paper, just to confirm if it's really trash. The world is full of possibilities, you may be proven wrong!

Nino: Eating babies is definitely the right choice here, it's what humans do. Didn't you know?

No. And you're never ever looking at any paper ever again.

You finally get it, though. This must be the remains of an elaborate-but-very-poorly-executed smear campaign. Or is it leftovers from not-so-subtle subliminal messaging? Either way, it must be some miserable attempt at spreading an obvious kind of propaganda.

But what does it matter now, when the two sides have been separate for years, anyway?

Well, you guess that's probably why this is all "leftovers".

Nino: eat babies


Focus on the important thing, dammit! Like this obviously important looking crack in the wall!

This... Thing.

Faint glowing light is seeping through it.

As soon as you approach it, you feel a slight warmth, a feeling that grows the closer you get. There's something harmonious about it. Illuminating, even. It's as if the light is vibrating in resonance with your own heartbeat, playing a familiar song.

And it's as if the light's direction is where you belong.

What will you do?

Not-Aria: Arrive at your destination. Become Aria again.

H-here you are! Yeah, THIS place again!

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3 years ago


3 years ago

Reimagining of Prophecy? What prophecy? This could be important...