15 Sep 2016

Nino: Bonding time!

  • Nino: I'm sorry about earlier...
  • Aria: What do you mean?
  • Nino: I kinda freaked out because I thought you were a monster,
  • Nino: And um... I said some bad things.
  • Nino: Yeah. Sorry.
  • Aria: Oh.
  • Aria: Don't worry, I understand.
  • Aria: Most humans would probably have the same reaction.
  • Nino: So, that monster appearance...
  • Nino: Was that your ability?
  • Aria: Yes!
  • Aria: It's kinda lame, but I can disguise myself like that.
  • Nino: Nah, can't be any lamer than my ability!
  • Aria: Hehe.

Nino & Five: Introduce yourselves

  • Aria: I think we had a bad start back there.
  • Aria: So, let's start over from the beginning!
  • Aria: I'm Aria, Aria Elwyn.
  • Nino: I'm Nino! And this little one's Five.
  • Aria: Hehe, she seems to be fond of Ludwig.
  • Aria: It's nice to meet you both!
  • Nino: It's nice to meet you too!

Ludwig: Be the GOOD DOG, and lick your BEST FRIEND.

  • Aria: Ludwig! You silly dog!
  • Aria: You made me so worried, you know that.

Aria: Be thankful of Nino and Five for taking care of Ludwig.

  • Nino: So he really is your dog.
  • Aria: Yep!
  • Aria: Don't ever run away like that again, Ludwig.
  • Nino: Well, um...
  • Nino: Sorry I guess...
  • Nino: We kinda stole him from you, hehe.
  • Aria: Oh, I guess so...
  • Aria: But, in retrospect,
  • Aria: You kept him safe and protected him!
  • Aria: I appreciate that a lot!
  • Nino: Yeah, I guess.
  • Nino: Sorry for making you worry about him!!
  • Aria: Hehe, it's fine.

  • Aria: So...
  • Aria: I want to ask what you're doing in the monsters' world,
  • Aria: And I suppose you want to ask me the same,
  • Aria: But...
  • Nino: Yeah, we don't have much time right now.
  • Nino: We need to think of a plan.
Nino, Aria & Five: Make all the plans. All of them.
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1 year ago

tl;dr: Nino offers apologies for the misunderstanding, and he and Aria get to know each other. The group exchanges introductions. Aria reunites with Ludwig, and thanks Nino for keeping him safe. They admit there's still things to talk about (like what they're doing in the monster world), but decide they need a plan first and foremost.