17 May 2016


Why would you have an admittedly really cool name like LINK? And anyway, you're sure this name sounds more like a MONSTER'S name than a HUMAN'S.

In case it wasn't obvious, you're a HUMAN. You don't have HORNS or RED EYES like MONSTERS do. You must've hit your head real hard if you forgot what SPECIES you are.

Let's try this name thing again.

All the wrong names.

You are suddenly assaulted by all of the wrong names. ALL OF THEM AT ONCE.

Dear god. No. HELL NO.

The naming prompt simply cannot handle this much wrongness.

Ok, that one's right, you think. That is your name... probably. You're not sure, but you will accept it. It sounds right.

You take a much-needed moment to recover from all that previous naming mess.

Your name is NINO. You came here to achieve something, but you don't exactly remember what it was.

Now that's out of the way, you get up and survey your surroundings.

This place is very dark. It is also unusually COLD. It's probably nighttime right now, but you can't really tell since neither the MOON nor the SUN are visible here.

You can hear weird scratching sounds up ahead, which you guess are probably some WILD ANIMALS or BANISHED MONSTERS.

Conclusion: This forest is fucking creepy.

What will you do?

Nino: Climb tree and look around.

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The forest is creepy, absolute genius here. Incredible.

Name box
Name box

I have come to take my revenge!


I forgot how much the early chapters were absolute fucking gold


tl;dr: Green Boi has existential crisis, decides name is Nino. He hears a thing. Also spooky forest is spooky.