01 Jun 2016

Aria: Well??? Run after the prints! Do it NOW!

Patience, patience! You will definitely follow the prints, but as you said it'd be crazy to march into the village headfirst with your human appearance!

A proper disguise must be applied first.

  • Nino: Enjoying the ride?
  • Five: yes!!!!
  • Nino: Good to know!
  • Nino: Ludwig seems happy too.
  • Five: nino... where is nino going to now?
  • Nino: I think this path leads into Red Tulip Town?
  • Nino: Weird name. But we're going there!
  • Nino: Hopefully they'll be welcoming. I really need to eat something!
  • Nino: Can't even remember the last time I ate, hehe.
  • Five: five is... hungry!! too!!
  • Nino: I'm sure there will be something there.
  • Nino: Maybe some shops! I think there's an Inn, too!
  • Nino: This road is really long, though.
  • Nino: Bear with it a little more, Five.
  • Nino: We'll get there soon.
  • Five: five... must be... patient!!
  • Nino: Hehe.

Nino: Ask Five what she knows about the village.

  • Nino: Say, do you know anything about the town?
  • Nino: Or the monsters themselves?
  • Nino: I don't know much about what they're like.
  • Five: oh... Five knows!
  • Five: monsters... not friends with human...
  • Five: monsters must... hate human!
  • Five: it's... very important rule!! must follow!!
  • Nino: :o !
  • Five: but five... loves human!!
  • Five: five different... from other monsters...
  • Five: monsters... really mean to human!
  • Nino: Yikes.
  • Nino: Maybe we shouldn't enter the village so quickly...
  • Five: five thinks...
  • Five: nino... try to talk to monster?
  • Five: monster must... understand!!
  • Five: nino... not a bad human!
  • Nino: Oh hmm.
  • Nino: Should I try to explain the situation...?
  • Nino: But I don't know how I'll explain it!
  • Nino: I don't remember how I left my world, or how I ended up here.
  • Five: nino... come from... human world?
  • Nino: Yeah.
  • Five: oh!!!
  • Five: Does Nino think... Human world... nice?
  • Nino: I.. don't really know?
  • Nino: Our world is a lot brighter than this one.
  • Nino: It had more, um... Advanced technology? I think...
  • Nino: I don't remember much of it.
  • Five: Human world... is fun!!
  • Nino: Not really, actually.
  • Nino: The human prince is really strict, he makes lots of laws and rules!
  • Nino: Anyone who's not a stickler for that stuff had a hard time there.
  • Five: :o
  • Nino: Sorry, I'm kinda rambling here.
  • Nino: In any case...
  • Nino: I don't think I can explain this situation to the townspeople.
  • Nino: So I can't really talk with them... hm...
  • Nino: For now, let's be careful and not let any monsters see us!
  • Nino: I'm sure we'll figure something out later.

Aria: Follow the prints already!!!

You are!! Following!!! The prints!!!

All this running is really tiring you out, but you must find Ludwig!!!
You think you can see something ahead.

Oh, there! That's him!

You're sure of it, you'd recognize that floaty ghostly figure anywhere!!
There's Ludwig! And.. and... and there's...

Somebody else...?

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3 years ago

Nino, you don't know Ludwig's name at this point in time

2 years ago
Reply to  nights

ooooooh, mysterious!

1 year ago

tl;dr: Aria preps her disguise before chasing down Ludwig. Nino and Five are happy to soon be seeing civilization again, but Five explains monsters are supposed to hate humans. However, Nino hopes to convince the townsfolk otherwise. Nino also talks about the human world, and how their prince is a stickler for rules. Nino concludes that they should probably stay out of sight for now. Aria finally follows the prints in her disguise and sees Ludwig and Nino.

Also, for some reason Nino instinctually knew Ludwig's name, which is rather sus ඞ.