28 May 2016

Nino: Check the ghost dog's stats; it might need healing.

You cannot check its stats, but just by observing it, you can tell that the GHOST DOG is in peak condition! It's not wounded at all, and is not in any need of healing.

Nino: Is ghost dog a member of your party now?

You try to add the GHOST DOG as a new party member, but the PARTY MEMBER HANDLING SCREEN rudely scoffs at you.

Are you stupid??? The GHOST DOG doesn't match any of the three mysterious silhouettes! It's not even humanoid, for starters!

This party thing is confusing as hell.

Nino: Be careful about putting the sword away. The ghostdog might get scared again.

It'll probably be fine if you just pick it straight to your inventory. The GHOST DOG is distracted with Five right now anyway.

Since Five seems very fond of the GHOST DOG, you decide you will adopt and take the doggy with you on your journey!

The more, the merrier.

Nino: Rename GHOST DOG and continue on.

Before heading through the new path, you realize that GHOST DOG isn't a very creative name! You've got to name it something else, something great!

You and Five think about this for a moment.

How about...

  • ????: Ludwig?

  • ????: Ludwig? Ludwig??
  • ????: Where did you go?
  • ????: Ludwig, come out! It's me!!

Just where exactly did that silly old dog wander off to this time?

Mysterious Archer: Check your inventory for ghost snausages.
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3 years ago

Yo I've just listening to Beethoven Symphony No 5, and there is Ludwig!

1 year ago

tl;dr: Ghost-doggo is actually totally alright, but is unfortunately also not invited to whatever party is in the party menu. Nino fetches (no pun intended) his sword, and realizes the Ghost-doggo needs a name. However, we cut to a purple archer girl also searching for a Doggo, one named Ludwig, before we can see Nino naming his Ghost-do-ooohhh I get it.