16 Sep 2023

Reed: Don't get distracted by the spirit.

  • Reed: Shut the fuck up already!

Reed: Do you believe what the professor had said now?

  • Reed: I've had enough of this.
  • Reed: I have absolutely no goddamn reason to trust you right now,
  • Reed: And none of this has anything to do with Nino.
  • Reed: Yes, I did want to hear you out,
  • Reed: But nothing says I have to believe you.
  • Reed: So shut up about this irrelevant shit, or you're fucking dead.
  • Spirit: O-oh, wow... are you sure you can afford to act this way?
  • Spirit: A prophecy of doom that seems unlikely, but is bound to come true...
  • Spirit: You don't want to repeat their mistake by ignoring such a thing, do you?
  • Reed: I don't care about what happened in the past.
  • Reed: The fact that the old man ended up being right does not fucking matter.
  • Reed: You're awfully stupid for trying to bait me by comparing your unfounded warning to that. The life he lead has nothing to do with mine.
  • Spirit: Is it not the people of the past who shaped the world you now live in?
  • Spirit: Had they listened to the professor...
  • Spirit: They could've avoided worse misfortune,
  • Spirit: Thereby giving you all a better future.
  • Spirit: And now, you are shaping the present, so think wisely.
  • Spirit: Your sister is waiting at home.
  • Spirit: If you were to never return... what would happen?
  • Spirit: Does she deserve the same misfortune as you?
  • Spirit: You know better than anyone else how bad the outcome could be...
  • Spirit: If an older sibling were to die at an early age,
  • Spirit: And leave their poor little sibling behind.
  • Spirit: You wouldn't want a repeat of that, would you?

Abandoning the Party would put you a step back in your search for the professor. What's the point in saving your life if you never achieve your goals along the way?

  • Reed: Are you threatening me now? Pathetic.
  • Reed: Even if I ditch Nino and the others here,
  • Reed: I still have to come to this world to achieve my own goals.
  • Reed: You aren't going to make me give up on that, no matter what.
  • Spirit: Now now, I never said you had to abandon everyone.
  • Spirit: It is fine to take those companions of yours along, if you wish.
  • Spirit: In fact, if you wanted to revisit this world in the future,
  • Spirit: Then we won't get in your way ever again.
  • Reed: Huh...? Why would you make that kind of exception for me?
  • Spirit: Because, well... your presence here isn't a danger.
  • Spirit: Hence, we have no reason to go against you if you are alone.
  • Spirit: It's only that human, Nino, whom you must stay away from.
  • Spirit: So long as your goals involve him,
  • Spirit: The spirits here won't let you roam freely.
  • Reed: ...
  • Reed: This really seems like just some shitty scare tactic.
  • Reed: You must somehow benefit from us leaving in some way,
  • Reed: So I'm not totally buying whatever you say.
  • Reed: And I won't think of Nino as a killer like you want me to, either.
  • Spirit: Oh, my... so that's that, then?
  • Spirit: Your disbelief is truly endless.
  • Spirit: It's sad that it has to end in this way, ah...

Reed: Consider the spirit's warning.

  • Reed: ...That is, unless you explain why you think of Nino the way you do.
  • Reed: You have something against him, don't you?
  • Spirit: Eh...?
  • Reed: The way you're talking about him,
  • Reed: It sounds like he personally wronged you lot somehow.
  • Reed: I don't think this is solely about you trying to "save my life"...
  • Reed: It's looking more like it's about getting rid of Nino, mainly.
  • Reed: Maybe it's just my human mind connecting dots where there are none.
  • Reed: But on the off-chance that it's really true...
  • Reed: Can't you tell me what your issue is with him?


  • Spirit: Ah... ha... haha! Oh my!
  • Spirit: You, you understood that much, after all?
  • Spirit: Maybe... maybe your case isn't totally hopeless, then!
  • Reed: ...Looks like I was right.
  • Reed: Well then, stop trying to guilt-trip me by bringing up unrelated things.
  • Reed: Just answer my question logically and clearly.
  • Reed: What did Nino do to earn himself this much disdain from you spirits?
  • Spirit: Ha, haha... human, listen.
  • Spirit: You believe that actions speak louder than words, yes?
  • Spirit: In that case, you might wish to know something about your new friend here.
  • Spirit: The first thing that human did when you crossed over to this world...


  • Spirit: ...Was to kill dozens of spirits unprovoked.
  • Reed: What...? Even though...
  • Reed: He doesn't know anything about what spirits are?
  • Spirit: Indeed. He massacred us masterfully so, too.
  • Spirit: While you were struggling with your few encounters,
  • Spirit: He slayed many of our kind in the blazing heat like it was nothing.
  • Spirit: I heard how it went from the one spirit who had barely survived the slaughter.
The unwanted human was unconscious...
But somehow, he could still move and react to us.

He remained unfatigued the entire time, moving at peak speed despite exerting so much energy in fighting us... as if he became impervious to everything that threatens the living in this harsh place.

I... I have never seen healing work like that before.

It was terrifying.


  • Spirit: It's agonizing to have lost so many of the other spirits already.
  • Spirit: Those of us left were afraid... and furious, wanting revenge.
  • Spirit: But even though he's our killer...
  • Spirit: Some of us have carried on with trying to save you from him, still.
  • Spirit: Since you have no intentions of committing senseless killings,
  • Spirit: And you are entirely ignorant about this companion of yours.
  • Spirit: Your fate is avoidable if you simply leave here.
  • Spirit: Turn back now, and follow the path behind you to the end.
  • Spirit: A rift awaits there. It will be for the best if you went right away.
  • Reed: ...I can't just go blindly.
  • Reed: I will first have to confirm this for myself.
  • Reed: And I'm not leaving without the people waiting on me, at the very least.
  • Spirit: Ah... even now, it looks like your mind is still unconvinced.
  • Spirit: It's unfortunate that I might fail to save you at this rate.
  • Spirit: If you fully disregard what I've told you, then...
  • Spirit: From now on, other spirits may not be so kind as to even try, you know?
  • Spirit: And I have no control over their actions.
  • Reed: I don't need any sort of protection from you.
  • Reed: I've heard everything that I needed to know.
  • Spirit: That is... unfortunate.
  • Spirit: I suppose I can only hope for you to make the right choice...
  • Spirit: Then, our meeting ends here, human.
  • Reed: Not really.

Reed: Sounds like you should be getting ready for a fight right about now.

  • Reed: In your stupid chatter earlier, you confirmed something important for me.
  • Reed: You know for a fact that Nino is here in this world.
  • Reed: Where is he?
  • Reed: Answer clearly, or die like the rest.
  • Spirit: H... huh? You... you...
  • Spirit: So even now, finding him is all you care about? Hah!


  • Spirit: Are you not afraid of being killed yourself?
  • Spirit: No, that... isn't even a serious possibility in your mind, still?
  • Spirit: After all, you still don't believe their warning...
  • Spirit: You'd even shoot the messenger, you arrogant hypocrite!?
  • Spirit: Have you learned nothing from witnessing the consequences of disbelief!?

Reed: Fire.

  • Spirit: YOU WILL REGRE----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- -----


In one second... everything disappears.
Just one focused shot is all it took to end it.
  • Reed: ...
  • Reed: Don't say I didn't warn you.
The chatter of the spirit is cut short.

Now, that eerie silence is back.

It's become so quiet.
So very...


  • Spirit: As if you could leave a single scratch on me.
  • Reed: !?
Spirit: Taunt.
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8 months ago

wow reed what the fuck

8 months ago

oh boy

Reed: Watch your surrounding, don't lose sight of her.

Lay's Chips
Lay's Chips
8 months ago

> Reed: DODGE!!!

8 months ago

Spirit: Neutralise.

8 months ago

Reed: Should you call for Aria?

Spirit: Taunt.

8 months ago

Ludwig: Bark!

8 months ago

Reed: Don’t let the spirits get to you and remember that there is a very real possibility of Nino being out there. You’re strong enough to handle these guys and decide what’s right, after all, you know what you’re fighting for. Stay calm and don’t lose your temper.

8 months ago

Spirit: Leave Reed to face the consequences of his own decision.

8 months ago

Nino: Check your healing charges.
Nino: Maybe do another *test* on this spirit here. As punishment for hurting Mei.

8 months ago

So much dishonesty and pointlessly changing tack. How could anyone believe any of that?

7 months ago

Ludwig used Crunch on Spirit.
It was super effective!

6 months ago

Hiatus time?

2 months ago
Reply to  Nights


6 months ago

Yo Reed, don’t you know?! You never split the party! Bravely run away do a tactical retreat back to your buddies! Also, you gotta give that slattern spirit witty comebacks while you’re fighting her, that’ll surely keep her off guard! Stuff like: “Of course I can’t leave a single scratch on you! You’re gassy!” Or “Finally showing me your true size huh? I knew that “unmasked” form of yours was too slim to be life accurate!” Also, you maybe could ride on Ludwig towards salvation? By the way, if she could accurately read your memories, she should’ve known that this was the only real outcome.

5 months ago

Reed: Parry the attack without sugarcoating it.

4 months ago

reed: enter slow-mo-mode or see if you can stop time.

Spirit: use all the extra months that have passed by to charge a cool attack and instant 0kill your foes

3 months ago

nino did what

2 months ago

i finally caught up with this comic (i started december and just caught up today xd) and wow...

Can't wait for the next update!